Techtextil 2022


TEXTECHNO will present award winner FIMATEST at Techtextil

At the Techtextil 2022, Frankfurt, TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG, the experts for quality control systems, will show its latest testing instruments for industrial fibres, yarns, and composites.

TEXTECHNO demonstrates the FAVIMAT+, an automatic single-fibre testing system, which determines the following fibre properties in a single instrument: linear density, tensile properties, mechanical crimp properties (crimp percent, removal force and stability), geometrical crimp structure, fibre-to-metal friction and bending stiffness.

Additionally TEXTECHNO shows the FIMATEST system, that measures the fibre-matrix adhesion by means of a single-fibre pull-out. The system consists of the FIMABOND embedding station and a clamping accessory to the FAVIMAT+. FIMATEST has won the famous JEC World Innovation Award.

A further highlight Textechno's new wrap reel for yarns and reinforced fibres TEXREEL. It works in accordance with all relevant machinery directives and convenient to use. 

Further outstanding Textechno products for testing industrial yarns, rovings, tapes and fabrics are

+ STATIMAT 4U Automatic linear density and tensile tester for high-tenacity yarns

+ DYNAFIL ME+ Dynamic shrinkage tester of all kinds of yarns,

+ DRAPETEST Automatic drapability tester for standard and non-crimped fabrics,

+ ROVINGTEST Automatic test system for the processing properties of rovings

+TAPETEST Automatic test system for the processing properties of Tapes

You will find TEXTECHNO on a joint booth with LENZING INSTRUMENTS (Austria) and the University of Applied Sciences HS NIederrhein in Hall 12.0, booth B 52.

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