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Textechno at the ITMA ASIA 2016 in Shanghai

Favimat+Autofeed (c) 2016 Textechno
At the ITMA ASIA 2016 in Shanghai, TEXTECHNO Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) and their subsidiary company LENZING INSTRUMENTS (Austria) introduce the latest testing instruments for fibres and yarns.
Textechno's 'Cotton Control Line' is widened by several new instruments, which will partially be exhibited at the show. The focus will be on the enhanced fibre bundle length and strength tester FIBROTEST, the Micronair Station FMT, the microdust-, neps-, trash-, and fibre-length tester MDTA 4 as well as the new automatic capacitive evenness and count tester for slivers and rovings COVASLIVE.

In the field of automatic single-fibre testing FAVIMAT+ is now featuring additional test methods incorporated in the equipment. A new sample feed unit - AUTOFEED – reduces labour for preparation of the test specimen and introduction into the test field to literally zero.

For the first time at ITMA Textechno demonstrate the new FIMATEST for single-fibre pull-out-tests to determine the fibre-to-matrix adhesion, as an accessory to Textechno's automatic single-fibre tester FAVIMAT+. The FIMATEST has won this year's JEC World 2016 Innovation Awards.

Textechno's new automatic capacitive evenness tester for filament yarn COVAMAT with its novel sensor design, automatic package changer and a high-speed yarn twister fulfills all requirements for an effective and reliable quality control system.
Pic: Covamat

DYNAFIL ME+ is the all -in one solution- for automatic filament yarn testing. This instrument has proved its excellent suitability for numerous applications like draw force testing of POY, crimp testing of DTY and BCF, or shrinkage testing of all kinds of yarns including monofilaments and ATY.

For determining the number of interlaces Textechno has developed the new interlace and interlace stability tester ITEMAT+ TSI as the successor of the well-known ITEMAT by Enka Tecnica after taking over all rights on this instrument. While the basic principle was kept the same, drives and electronics have been replaced by state-of-the-art technology and the mechanical interlace sensor has been completely re-designed to serve a larger linear-density range with excellent reproducibility.

The STATIMAT 4U is the ultimate automatic tensile and linear density tester for very coarse and high- tenacity yarns with a force measuring range up to 5.000 N. Special features like heavy duty clamps with patented automatically operated bollards and a - likewise patented - rotary clamp to apply a twist to the yarn prior to tensile testing make the STATIMAT 4U unique in the field of automatic tensile testing of threads. STATIMAT 4U is suitable to test even aramid and UHMWPE yarns delivering reliable strength values.

JVisit the joint booth of the Textechno Group – Textechno and Lenzing Instruments: Hall 1, booth E18

Pic: Fibrotest

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