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Texprocess 2019 extremely popular with exhibitors

There is huge demand amongst both German and international exhibitors; manufacturers of textile-processing machinery from 25 countries have already confirmed that they will be attending Texprocess, the leading international trade fair for the processing of textiles and flexible materials (14 to 17 May 2019). That means more companies, more floor space and, in addition, higher levels of international participation compared to an equivalent stage in the run-up to the previous show.

A year in advance of the next show, registrations for Texprocess are already outstandingly high.

“The dynamism in the sector continues unabated. We could already feel that at the last Texprocess show. For Texprocess 2019, we expect further growth in terms of both exhibitor and visitor numbers. At the same time, we shall be able to see ever more extensively digitalised solutions,” says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles and Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt.

Among the exhibitors that have already signed up are all international market leaders, including Amann, Brother, Dürkopp Adler, Human Solutions, Juki Central Europe, Morgan Tecnica, Pfaff, Tajima, Veit and Vetron. After a period of absence, Lectra and Sunstar will again be represented at Texprocess. Amongst others attending for the first time will be Browzwear Solutions, INL International Technology and Siruba Latin America. China, Japan and Taiwan have all registered national pavilions.

Once again, the exhibitors represent all the stages in the textile-processing chain, from IT-supported design, through cutting, seaming and finishing technologies, to textile-product logistics and recycling. As a result, they are also of relevance, not only to the apparel industry, but also to the leather goods industry, furniture manufacturers and the automotive sector.

Particularly strongly represented are exhibitors in the fields of CAD/CAM, Cutting, Making, Trimming (CMT), Sewing, Seaming, and Fixing, as well as those working in Automation and Information Technology. Strong growth is reported, too, in Finishing.

Techtextil, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens (14 to 17 May 2019), is, once again, being held in parallel with Texprocess. Techtextil, too, shows huge demand, with exhibitors from 44 countries currently signed up, also significantly exceeding the registration figures at the same stage in the run-up to the last event. In all, 1,789 exhibitors from 66 countries, together with a total of 47,500 trade and professional visitors attended Texprocess and Techtextil in 2017.

Over 13,718 trade visitors came to Texprocess. On top of that, there were some 11,399 visitors who came across from the concurrently held Techtextil. 

Texprocess in Frankfurt is the most important trade fair for the worldwide textile processing industry. Picture: (c)  2018 Messe Frankfurt
Texprocess in Frankfurt is the most important trade fair for the worldwide textile processing industry. Picture: (c) 2018 Messe Frankfurt

Changed Exhibition Centre Layout

Because of the building work being undertaken at Messe Frankfurt’s Trade Fair and Exhibition Centre, there will be a slight change to the exhibition layout of Techtextil and Texprocess. Related to this is the fact that there will, for the first time, be a shared hall that includes Techtextil exhibitors with a focus on functional apparel fabrics and exhibitors at Texprocess involved in fabric treatment and finishing. This hall will also house the ‘Digital Textile Micro Factory’, which will showcase a completely integrated and networked production line for apparel, as well as – for the first time – for technical textiles in other applications, too. In this hall, then, visitors will have an insight into the entire production process, from material to finished product.

It is still possible to register for Texprocess and Techtextil.

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