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Halocline is a new partner

The Halocline GmbH & Co. KG and the Digital Capability Center Aachen (DCC) announce a cooperation between the worldwide leading management consultancy McKinsey & Company, the ITA Academy GmbH in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen University and other leading technology companies.

DCC welcomes Halocline as a new partner in the DCC network: Visitors of DCC Aachen can now experience and test the products of the Embodied Engineering Suite.

Embodied Engineering stands for the simplified planning of production processes that can be experienced with the body - with the help of Virtual Reality (VR). The Halocline software package has been on the market since January 2019 and offers new solutions for the manufacturing industry.

One of these VR software solutions is "Boxplan". It offers an environment for layout and workplace design for assembly planning. Boxplan enables the design, testing and optimisation of planning results in virtual reality. The planning of workstations and assembly processes up to the whole factory hall is continuously evaluated by direct experience. The comparison of different concepts, for example by means of the visualisation of movement data, ensures a high quality of results, avoids expensive planning errors and takes efficiency and ergonomics already in the conception into account.

Boxplan complements the technology portfolio and fits the DCC's motto "Explore - Try - Apply".

(c) 2020 ITA Academy GmbH
(c) 2020 ITA Academy GmbH


The DCC is a learning factory with a focus on Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Visitors are invited to explore this realistic factory environment to learn first-hand about solutions that companies can use to drive digital transformation, and how such solutions can be used along the entire value chain - from the initial customer inquiry to development, production, delivery and service. In hands-on workshops, participants will discover a systematic and targeted approach to unlock value from Industry 4.0.

The insights gained can be easily applied to a variety of practical applications in a wide range of industries. The DCC is designed to teach workshop participants how to use the latest digital technologies and how to increase productivity by applying them.

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