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BIOTEXFUTURE opening event

The official opening event took place digitally on 17 June 2020 - the innovation space BIOTEXFUTURE was presented to the public. The event was primarily aimed at interested experts. With 311 registered participants, 230 of whom continuously followed the event, the expectations were far exceeded and show the great interest in the textile bio-economy.

33 percent of the participants could be assigned to universities and research institutions. The economy accounted for 53 percent. In addition, all well-known textile associations, clubs, textile media and government institutions were represented (14 percent). The event has shown that a regular exchange of information is urgently needed. With BIOTEXFUTURE we want to offer this exchange the necessary platform.

True to the motto "CREATE THE CHANGE - Transform the textile value chain from petroleum-based to bio-based", the innovation space will support projects that are conducive to this goal.

The funding is provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research via the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our speakers and all supporters once again.

2-page document "BIOTEXFUTURE" (pdf: 205 kb)

(c) 2020 ITA / adidas
(c) 2020 ITA / adidas

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