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Hypertex system installed in Eberbach – Test your own yarn materials

(c) 2020 Dilo
The production of multilayered reinforced felts can be tested in the DILO technological centre in Eberbach with the scrim fabric machine “Turbotex” by ONTEC in combination with a DILO Hyperpunch needleloom. The spacing of the weft yarns is infinitely variable allowing the creation of meshs with apertures of up to 20 x 20 mm.

This allows high possible savings in raw material usage with the help of high productivity. The yarn applicator “Turbotex” can use a wide array of fibre material. It is also possible to combine homogeneously warp and weft threads of different materials or to use variably combined warp structures. This high flexibility in material results in numerous applications.

The warp yarns can now be delivered from a creel in the technological centre to have full flexibility when testing the materials.

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