Kordsa is at the leadership level in the Carbon Disclosure Project Climate Change and Water Security Programs

Kordsa is among companies reporting on its climate and water-related risks and opportunities through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change and Water Security programs since 2016. The Company increased both its climate change and water security report scores from B to A- in the 2020 reporting period and rose from management level to leadership level.

In the reporting period of 2020, while the industry average of the world and Europe is B, Kordsa was in the top 20% among the companies evaluated in managing climate change related and water-related programs with its performance above the average.

Sabanc? Holding affiliate Kordsa, while creating economic value for its shareholders and investors with its technological innovations and investments, builds a sustainable future for its shareholders and its ecosystem by managing the resources responsibly.

Kordsa CEO Ali Çal??kan © 2020 Kordsa
Kordsa CEO Ali Çal??kan © 2020 Kordsa

Kordsa had initiated the Climate Change and Water Security Report of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the first and only NGO that facilitates reporting on how publicly traded companies manage water and climate change risk and opportunities, in 2016. Since then, Kordsa gradually improves its score reaching up to A- this year. With this performance Kordsa is above the global and Europe average -which is B- and among the top 20 percent companies of the industries it operates.

Chairman of the Board of Kordsa and President of the Industry Group at Sabanc? Holding Cevdet Alemdar expressed that Kordsa's sustainability-oriented efforts are a source of pride for both Turkey and Sabanc? Holding. Alemdar continued: “As Sabanc? Holding, we believe that building a sustainable future is our top responsibility for next generations. Therefore, as the Sabanc? Holding sustainability is at the heart of our company strategies. We are proud that Kordsa is a leading and exemplary company in Turkey with its gradually improving sustainability performance and with the sustainable technologies it develops. "


Saying that it was an honor to be among the leading companies in the world with an above average score at Carbon Disclosure Project, Kordsa, CEO Ali Çal??kan, stated about Kordsa’s sustainability vision and efforts: “In parallel to our ‘Inspired to reinforce life’ vision we are striving to produce sustainable technologies with every investment we make and every action we take. With our tire reinforcement and composite technologies, we aim to reduce fuel consumption and lighten vehicles. As a keen follower of responsible production and consumption mindset within the scope of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to reduce our emission values and therefore work on improvements at our production processes as well as lightening technologies which are an output of these processes. The fact that we have raised our Carbon Disclosure Project score to ‘A-’ is a clear sign of our dedication. Our above-average performance compared to the global and European average puts us among top 20 percent companies in our industry and this gives us a responsibility to lead the market towards Sustainable Development Goals.”

Sabanci Holding Industry Group Leader Cevdet Alemdar © 2020 Kordsa
Sabanci Holding Industry Group Leader Cevdet Alemdar © 2020 Kordsa

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