Kordsa’s new R&D Platform: “Thin Films and Flexible Electronics”

Kordsa transforms daily life according to the changing trends and consumer needs. Seeking for opportunities in next generation material and technology, the Company is expanding its capabilities with flexible electronics and thin films and launched the new “Thin Films and Flexible Electronics” R&D Platform in partnership with Sabanci University.

The world is changing, so are our lives. Each day, new technologies and materials are introduced to make life better and easier. The article by Kordsa’s Global Technology Director Devrim Özaydin in the Reinforcer Magazine of Kordsa suggests that products based on thin films and flexible printed electronics technology are expected to make their way into our lives in the near future. This new technology, having applications like foldable displays to wearable biosensors, photovoltaic solar cells to flexible RFID’s will be more in our daily lives in the near future and will add extra ease and comfort to our daily routines. We will see many innovative thin film and flexible electronics technology based products in automotive industry, consumer and industrial electronics, and healthcare industry in near future.

As a company with an open innovation approach, Kordsa makes major collaborations and now seeks for new opportunities in thin film and flexible electronics technology. The Company puts focus on these materials and technology of the future and launched “Thin Films and Flexible Electronics” R&D platform in partnership with Sabanci University and is engaged in a new project with 6 partners so called “Nanosis-1004” about wearable healthcare electronics for monitoring health data via nano technological sensors. The project application was completed by Kordsa and SUNUM (Sabanci University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center) to be funded by the leading Turkish research body, TUBITAK.

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