Kordsa released its Interactive Sustainability Report

Kordsa published its fifth sustainability report, focusing on its administrative, social, economic and environmental performance in 2018. The report gives its stakeholders the opportunity to monitor and evaluate Kordsa’s sustainability activities. The Company’s last year report has received various awards at home and abroad.

Kordsa has published its fifth sustainability report. Kordsa's 2018 sustainability report includes comparisons between previous years about the company's key sustainability issues such as its managerial, economic, social and environmental goals, the actions taken to achieve these goals, the progress achieved, and the practices developed by its employees.

Differently from previous years, in the 2018 Sustainability Report, the value chain and sustainability effects of tire reinforcement and composite technologies business lines were schematically demonstrated. Compared to previous years, R&D and total productive maintenance (TPM) projects that serve sustainability goals were included with their results and gains, and thus the report is more focused and briefer. Also, the content of the report, have been enriched with the supporting websites, documents and videos, is easy to access via links placed with the report.

Putting R&D and innovation at the heart of its business processes, Kordsa increased its patent portfolio by 22% from 2017 to 2018. As a result of its efforts to produce lighter and more durable tire and composite materials using less energy and materials, its number of patent applications reached 670 and the number of inventions reached 183 as of the end of 2018. In 2018, the turnover from new products was USD 64 million. The reinforcement giant saved about USD 1.82 million through its recycling efforts by reusing approximately 3 million paper tubes. The company’s environmental investment through emission management, waste management and training is worth USD 790 thousand. Attaching great importance to its employees, Kordsa provided them with an average of 36 hours of training and reduced employee turnover by 1%.

(c) 2019 Kordsa
(c) 2019 Kordsa

In 2016, for the first time, Kordsa was listed among the top companies with highest corporate sustainability performance in Borsa Istanbul. Having improved its ratings on environmental criteria, Kordsa is deemed worthy of being in BIST Sustainability Index for the third year in a row for the period of November 2018-October 2019.

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