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CHIC went digital for its first time

The first CHIC ONLINE recorded 1,350 participating exhibitors, over 100 online activities, over 60 live media reports, and up to 157,403 visits from April 22 to 24, 2020.
  • Successful premiere of CHIC's digital edition from April 22nd to 24th, 2020
  • Over 1,350 exhibitors participated in more than 100 online activities of the fair
  • All distribution channels of China's trade were represented on the platform
  • In the customers' focus of interest: innovative, creative design and high quality products

The current difficult global economic situation caused by the corona pandemic is causing companies to look for new solutions for their business opportunities.With CHIC ONLINE, their first digital trade fair, CHIC, China International Fashion Fair, offeredthree days to network with  decision-makers in the Chinese fashion trade, to exchange ideas and to pool resources. "The start of CHIC ONLINE is a historic day for CHIC, which went online for the first time after it was founded 28 years ago." Chen Dapeng, President of the China National Garment Association and CHIC, Vice President of the China Textile Industry Federation.

More  than  1,350 manufacturers  have  uploaded  their  offers  to  the Tencent   Meeting   and   Ding   Talk   online   meeting   rooms   and participated  in  over  100  CHIC  ONLINE  online  meeting  activities. CHIC's  resources,  its  network  and  its  experience  in  exchanging information  gathered  overdecades  were  brought  to  bear  at  the event.   CHIC   ONLINE   is   a   positive   approach   for   the   digital transformation  of  the  fair  and  at  the  same  time  a  pragmatic  step  to link the business channels and resources.

(c) 2020 CHIC
(c) 2020 CHIC

During  this  special  time,  CHIC  ONLINE  was  open  to the  entire Chinese  clothing  industry  and  its  international  participants  free  of charge, as a CHIC support measure for China's fashion and lifestyle industry.

The  online  exhibition  hall  was  divided  into  the  segments  Men, Women,   Impulses (designer),   KIDZ,   Winter   (leather   and   fur, downwear), CHIC YOUNG BLOOD (streetwear), Tailoring (bespoke), Accessories,   Bags   and   Shoes,   Fashion   Journey   (international brands)  and  Sourcing.  The  meeting  rooms  were  clearly  structured according  to  supply  and  demand,  a  direct  bridge  for  communication in real time.

(c) 2020 CHIC
(c) 2020 CHIC

All   channels   of   the   Chinese   trade   were   represented   on   CHIC ONLINE:E-commerce  platforms   such   as  Tmall,   Jingdong,   VIP   Shop,  or NetEase  Yeaton (China's  "Muji"),  one  of  the  most  popular  online platforms in  China  and  Biyao  Shop - originally  founded  as  a  sales platform for luxury products directly from the manufacturer at cheaper prices - now  with  20  millions  of  subscribers  and  over  80,000  orders every day.

Department stores such as Wangfujing Group, Weifang Department Store Group and LiQun Group used CHIC ONLINE for the search for new brands as well as numerous multi-brand boutiques including HANATEBAKO Designer Brand Collection Store from Qingdao, whose director Jiang Shixiang sees the future of offline stores in the Chinese market in the variety and diversification of categories. The accessories and shoes segments in particular are important topics for the boutiques.

(c) 2020 CHIC
(c) 2020 CHIC

Even international buyers used the fair to search for producers such as Social CloudCo., Dont Give Up Co., and WHYNOTCo. from Italy.

Collections  with  a  strong  design,  innovative  and  individual  products were  the  focus  of  the  customers.  A  fundamental  trend  is  increased quality   requirements   for   all   product   segments,   including   basic products.   The   consumer   wants   high-quality   goods,   quality   over quantity.  This  was  particularly  emphasized  by  market  participants during CHIC ONLINE.

(c) 2020 CHIC
(c) 2020 CHIC

Chen  Dapeng  sums  up:  "The  digital  premiere  of  CHIC  has  met a positive  response  from  all  participants.  As  areliable  partner  of  the industry, it is CHIC's intention and purpose to offer pragmatic support to  the  industry  and  retail.  We  are  convinced  that  China's  fashion industry has started again".

The next CHICevents:CHIC SHENZHEN, July 15 to 17, 2020CHIC September, Shanghai, September 23 to 25, 2020

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