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Schoeller develops a revolutionary fabric construction for Mammut

(c) 2017 Schoeller
The new Eisfeld Light SO Collection from Mammut Sports Group integrates various material properties into a single fabric. This is made possible by a revolutionary development from Schoeller Textil AG.

Purist Aesthetics with Seamless Comfort

Different materials are woven into one and the same fabric, lending the outfit seamless clothing comfort with a variety of functions.

The Eisfeld Light SO Hoody and matching Pants in the Eiger Summer 2018 Collection from Mammut offer a unique hybrid look with a revolutionary fabric construction. Using the innovative Mammut Phase Map™ technology with Schoeller materials, reinforced panels are seamlessly integrated into the fabric where durability is most needed using various materials

Exclusive soft-shell quality with outstanding clothing comfort

The Eisfeld Light SO Collection captivates with minimalist traits and particularly light and well-designed products as well as purist and functional aesthetics. The outstanding breathability and wind-resistance of the exclusive schoeller®-dryskin soft-shell weight is ideally suited to Alpine climbing and rapid ascents. By eliminating seams, this special 4-way fabric and exceptional abrasion resistance offer greater freedom of movement and increased clothing comfort.

Lasting waterproofing is provided by the new fluorocarbon-free ecorepel® Bio finishing technology from Schoeller, based on renewable raw materials. The fabric receives additional heat and UV protection through the coldblack® technology which prevents the textiles from heating up. This further increases the clothing comfort of the garment on warm days.

The Eisfeld Light SO Hoody in a close view (c) 2017 Schoeller
The Eisfeld Light SO Hoody in a close view (c) 2017 Schoeller

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