Techtextil 2015


Sika to showcase its textile ashesive solutions at Techtextil

Sika, a key player in providing textile adhesive solutions to meet the needs of its customers in the global textile lamination industry, is proud to bring its expertise to Techtextil in Frankfurt and will inform about its full range oft soft lamination adhesive solutions.
Sika’s wide range of soft lamination adhesives means solutions are available for Sportswear, Protective wear and Industrial applications from flooring to roofing. “Excellent adhesives are one key to our customers success, but with solutions we also mean providing technical services and developments to keep our customers at the front of their market”, declared Francois Bauduin, Marketfield Manager at Sika.

Product debut: SikaMelt®-9607

SikaMelt®-9607 is a new and versatile polyurethane based reactive hot melt adhesive with outstanding performance for breathable membranes bonding. With an excellent initial strength profile to suit manufacturing needs and cross-linking to form a durable elastomer in the laminated textile, it provides the best of both worlds.

SikaMelt®-9607 is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 / 14001 quality assurance system and the responsible care program, meaning that you can rely on Sika.

Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector and the motor vehicle industry. Sika has subsidiaries in 90 countries around the world and manufactures in over 160 factories. Its approximately 17,000 employees generated annual sales of CHF 5.6 billion in 2014.

The overall objective of Sika is to increase the value for customers, the markets and the society, while reducing the impacts on the environment to deliver these values: More Value - Less Impact.

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