An exciting Loepfe and Almer Technologies partnership comes into view

Loepfe is discovering new innovations with the Swiss start-up firm Almer Technologies. Almer is rethinking communication and introducing augmented reality remote assistance to businesses.

Loepfe has started field trials with Almer’s first version of augmented reality glasses. The view is to deliver new services, combining yarn clearer innovation with the latest augmented reality functions, to our local service stations and end customers.

So, how does it work?

A field service technician wears the Almer glasses during a typical working activity.

Thanks to an integrated camera, the expert can see remotely what the service technician is doing in real-time and provide assistance or advice on the spot.

The expert can guide and highlight objects inside an optical view to the field service technician, plus share relevant documents. Audio communication is also possible, even in a noisy spinning mill environment.

Essentially problems can be solved as if the expert and technician were standing side by side.

In our connected world, immediate access to expert know-how is key to providing responsive and effective services across the globe.

This technology will allow Loepfe to standardize repair processes, provide quality assurance using an approved checklist approach and deliver services faster from anywhere out of Loepfe’s service network.

Additionally, it allows Loepfe to fulfill its commitment to sustainability, as it reduces the need for experts to travel around the world.

The first test trials have been successfully completed in spinning mill environments. The technology will now be developed further based on feedback from those in the field until a market-ready service can be granted to the Loepfe world participants.

Loepfe is committed to progressing digital techniques in the textile industry with the speed and enthusiasm of a start-up firm like Almer.

A larger pilot testing program is scheduled in the Loepfe Service Organization in Switzerland and selected local Service Stations.

(c) 2022 Loepfle
(c) 2022 Loepfle

(c) 2022 Loepfle
(c) 2022 Loepfle

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