ANEX/SINCE 2021: Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica presents high-end meltblown components for all globally installed lines

Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica presents its portfolio of replacement components for meltblown and composite lines at the ANEX/SINCE 2021 exhibition from July 22 to 24. The highly specialized manufacturer of spinnerets, cassettes, and complete meltblown spinning beams offers high-end technology "Made in Germany" that is 100% non-proprietary compatible with all globally installed lines.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, demand for high-quality meltblown products, such as medical protective masks, soared dramatically. With Enka Tecnica's economical replacement components, customers can upgrade their existing lines and produce complex applications in the hygiene, medicine, or filtration sectors to get access to new profitable markets.

© 2021 Reifenhäuser
© 2021 Reifenhäuser

The outstanding quality of nozzle tips and capillaries assures consistent product quality and precision, allowing producers to meet tolerance specifications reliably and avoid production waste. In addition, the meltblown spinning beams provide an optimized sustainable energy concept that reduces preheat time by increasing heat output. This saves energy and reduces carbon footprint.

Enka Tecnica experts manufacture all components precisely to customer specifications to guarantee their seamless integration in existing line technologies.

This year's combined edition of the two leading Asian nonwovens trade shows ANEX and SINCE is expected to attract around 600 exhibitors and 30,000 trade visitors on over 35,000 m2 of exhibition space at the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC). Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica grants a discount of 20% on all meltblown components ordered during the exhibition.

Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica at ANEX/SINCE: Booth 1 K 01

Replacement components from Reifenhäuser Enka Tecnica make top quality affordable and are 100% compatible with all globally installed meltblown and composite lines.

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