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Savio will present Polar innovation at SHANGHAITEX 2017

Since 1911, Savio is specialized in the yarn-finishing segment, being the leading supplier of winding, twisting and rotor spinning machines, with manufacturing plants spanning over Italy, China, India and Czech Republic. As a manufacturer of textile machinery, Savio offers winding systems that are ideal for many different needs, supporting customers in the textile challenge of developing new applications to meet their requests.

Savio (Hall E1 / Stand B11) will exhibit in Shanghai the Polar Evolution winding machine: a high performance, energy saving and less labor-intensive product for the Chinese customers.

Polar winding machines have been recently developed to the Evolution series, gathering all the innovative solutions in terms of technology, efficiency, quality output and maintenance. A further step for Polar family to catch the world of I.T. connectivity and the new fibers applications.

Pic: SAVIO Polar Evolution M/L (c) 2017 SAVIO
Pic: SAVIO Polar Evolution M/L (c) 2017 SAVIO

The machine on display will be a freestanding fully automated one, provided with new features to process bobbins produced by ring frames not equipped with automatic doffing device. "Premium" winder is a solution for processing yarn bobbins whose formation is not originally "favorable" to reach efficiency, for example bobbins with tangles, entanglements and misplaced yarns tail. The newly designed hopper “Pace Sorter Feeder” will optimize the bobbing feeding for a fast and smooth bobbin flow.

In addition, special solutions have been engineered for automatic devices (bobbin preparation, transport, etc.) present in the fully automatic winder models to control and process springy elastic yarns. A special “Lycra kit” is available for yarn end finder station of fully automatic winding machines, in order to grant the highest efficiency for the bobbin preparation in presence of single or dual core yarns.

New Evo drums for improving package-unwinding performance     

In downstream processing, the unwinding behavior of the package and the take-up speed facilitate process to be more efficient and geared to benefit.

Savio has now a full range of grooved drums to cover all yarn types, counts and downstream processes. The EVO drums offer new capabilities to optimize both the unwinding speed of the packages and the package yarn content, through variable number of turns with different winding angles. The package shape is optimized in order to obtain advantages for a better unwinding ratio in the downstream process, for homogeneous package density and for lower rewinding breaks.

Upgraded Splicing Solutions

The Polar Evolution winding unit is equipped with splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect joints and perfect package shape. Air and Moistair® splicers boasts a Duo Air Feeding system, for yarn tail preparation and splicing. This splitting allows the individual setting of the most appropriate value of air pressure, and makes these splicers able to easily process any different fibers and blends combination.

Savio Winder 4.0 – Smart Industry Solutions for Textile Mills

Once composed solely by mechanical and electrical parts, now winding machines have become complex systems that combine hardware, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, software and connectivity. These smart machineries can increase the efficiency of the spinning mill and perform predictive maintenance avoiding breakdowns and downtimes. Savio winding machines can be equipped upon request of Smart Industry Solutions for connectivity, data management, remote machine set up and operator real-time interactivity. Savio Winder 4.0 represents an important step towards a wide digitalization process, being a solution for intelligent networking of machines in the spinning/winding room. This data management system is a very modern and important management tool, relieving mill management staff of time-consuming routine work. The mill manager can have the winding room live monitoring directly from his/her desk. Thanks to data analytics, a wealth of data are available, allowing to manage the different production phases in the best possible way and to monitor all significant parameters anytime and anywhere, making use of mobile devices. All these features enable Savio customers to control overall equipment effectiveness, increase workforce efficiency, and maximize quality and working time.

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