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ETM - Eltex Thread Tension Monitor for sewing and quilting machines


Eltex of Sweden is one of the leading companies in the world on supervision and monitoring of running yarns in textile ma

chines. At IMB in Cologne we will exhibit: ETM - Eltex Thread Tension Monitor For online operation on quilting and sewing machines. The Eltex Tension Monitor gives you the possibility to sew with correct yarn tension all the time. Simultaneously it serves as a thread break detector. On a chain stitch machine also thread breaks on the bottom thread will be detected. On a lock stitch machine you can reduce the waste of underthread because you keep a constant tension on the upper thread. Further advantages are increased sewing quality, less down time and reduced costs for quality control and mending. The model ETM 422, for sewing machines, is computer controlled. All settings and controls are carried out through the computer of the machine. Thread break detector Eltex also offers a wide range of thread break detectors for use on automatic sewing machines, overedge sewing machines, side hemming machines, quilting and embroidery machines. Some models are suitable for upgrading of existing machines and other more suitable for modern machines with PLC or other electronic controls. A specific sensor can also distinguish if a thread is forming a correct seam or just pulled in by the cloth. The thread break detectors are essential for the efficient operation of an automatic sewing machine with a guaranteed quality seam. Other Eltex quality products (not shown at IMB) Eltex of Sweden develops, manufactures and sells: Weft Stop Motions for weaving machines. Yarn Stop Motions for other textile machines. Applications: creels, spooling, warping, roving, spinning and cable machines. Data Acquisition equipment for on-line operation. Electronic heating control systems. Electric power limitation equipment. Mätman battery operated data loggers for temperature, air humidity, voltage, current, etc.
Eltex of Sweden AB
34324 Elmhult / Sweden
Phone +46-476-48800
Fax +46-476-13400
E-mail: public@eltex.se
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