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French Textile Equipments @ ITMA 2023

French Textile Equipment Manufacturers are particularly strong in long fibre spinning (wool, acrylic …), yarn twisting and control (including technical yarns), space-dyeing, heat setting for carpet yarns, carpet systems, bleaching and hydro-extractor equipments, dyeing and finishing, felts and belts for finishing processes, precision machining and textile ERP.

They are SME’s run by real entrepreneurs. R & D and service are rooted in their DNA.

Christian Guinet, the Secretary General of their association states “driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, our members embrace innovations to shape together and achieve a perfect alignment between their future and the future of their customers.

Itma 2023 is a great opportunity to meet in person, at the highest level, to find solutions. Of course, there are some main trends: sustainability, raw materials, energy and water savings, recycling, digitalization, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial Intelligence, cost cutting etc. Another main trend is to be service oriented and act as a local partner wherever the customers are located.

Before welcoming our customers at ITMA, I would like to share with you a proud moment for the French textile equipments. Kristian Blummenfelt, the Norwegian athlete won the Men’s Triathlon Olympic Gold Medal. The Trimtex Skinsuit he was wearing for swimming, cycling and running was made of a fabric designed and produced by a French company. To produce the very fine and technical fabric which incorporates an unusually high percentage of elastane covered polymer, a specific equipment from one of our members was needed. A highly technical finishing equipment for a highly technical fabric and, at the end of the story, a Gold Medal!  

© 2023 UCMTF
© 2023 UCMTF

Our members will deserve many such medals at ITMA in Milano. Let’s tell all our visitors that we will be very honored to welcome them”.

FIL CONTROL Hall 2 C 305

Sensor’s expert, since 1990, FIL CONTROL is specialized in developing, producing and selling equipment devices for the textile machinery industry. They have become one of the most famous brands on this market.

Major textile manufacturers are trusting FIL CONTROL high quality products:

- yarn cutters,

- yarn sensors,

- yarn tension sensors,

- speed and presence sensors.

FIL CONTROL has been attending ITMA exhibitions for many years. At Milan, they will be proud to present their latest developments using electro-mechanical, optical, inductive and reflective technologies.

In addition, the sales department and the agents’ network from all around the world, will be available to exchange and study specific development requests adapted to the industry needs and market vision.


PETIT SPARE PARTS holds the exclusive worldwide trade of the original spare parts for all ICBT fine count machines. Its technical staff received their training from the historical manufacturer, now gone. PETIT SPARE PARTS do not only sell parts from catalogues, but provides the solutions whatever the equipment, whatever the location.?More than 20,000 spare parts references are in stock, at carefully studied and negotiated prices, as well as all the necessary drawings for the realization of parts conforming to those of original. No copies or forgeries!?Built on a long experience in covering, twisting and texturizing as well as export skills, PETIT SPARE PARTS, specialized since 1946 in the trade of accessories for all textile machines, all brands combined, can thus meet all requests, at national and international levels, for the maintenance of equipments: diagnosis, repair, dismantling, remantling.

HEMP-ACT Start-Up Valley Hall 3 A 201a

Hemp is becoming a new global textile resource, a top fashionable fibre.

Based on 20 years of expertise in the field of extraction and valorization of hemp textile fibers, HEMP-ACT is launching at ITMA 2023 the marketing of its brand-new textile decorticating line.

Moreover, to allow its customers to become thriving and profitable very quickly, HEMP-ACT puts all its expertise and network at their service:

- to secure the customers sourcing with Hemp-Act training courses dedicated to supporting the cultivation and harvesting of hemp,

- choose the most profitable business model best suited to the project and territory,

- easily transform and market the hemp fibres,

- to become a powerful local player connected to the global economy.

It is therefore a complete and modular solution that HEMP-ACT offers to propel into this new sustainable economy of textile hemp. In this profitable and promising economy where each hectare of cultivated hemp will store 15 tons of CO2 

SUPERBA Hall 3 B 205b

SUPERBA is well known for its advanced heat-setting solutions. As artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in enhanced digitalization and automation of the textile companies, to harmonize technology and sustainability is the key.

SUPERBA is convinced that these both goals go hand in hand. This is why this year two strategic innovations will be set out at ITMA 2023 in Milano: the KR1 & MCD3(M).

The first one is a brand-new automatic knotting system assisted by a robot. The KR1 system can be used in many industrial branches, enables to handle, pack and label bobbins. With this machine, SUPERBA’s commitment is to help customers to improve their productivity thanks to an industrial robot running 24/7.

The second one, the MCD3(M), is an improved version of the MCD3 space-dyeing machine, a structure scalable on demand that can be set up in the right size of the customers’ dyeing machine based on his production requirements with the option to add additional dyeing modules and scale the system at any time to meet the growing needs.

These new technologies represent real innovations in the textiles sector. Thanks to more advanced automation and more precise control of the supply chain, this allows to reduce production costs, as well as energy and is time savings. Developing technologies and strengthening automation represent for SUPERBA a way for the customers to manufacture optimized products, with a better controlled production cost.

Finally, these constant efforts to design machines that are better optimized in terms of energy consumption represent an important matter for SUPERBA, because they allow the customers to reduce their carbon footprint. In any case, this is the vision that SUPERBA wants to convey to their customers, but also to the consumers of the finished product.

AESA Air Engineering Hall 3 D 305 

AESA Air Engineering, worldwide specialist of the air conditioning for textile factory, already well known for the quality and reliability of its technology, is entering full speed the new digital world, offering the latest generations of monitoring systems allowing remote control and energy optimization through state-of-the-art all-inclusive solution.

Automation from the room condition to the waste collection, waste separation, and conditioning, Flexicontrol for optimized power consumption adjusted to required conditions. Monitoring allowing preventive maintenance through predictive analysis and alarm system, AESA focuses on predefine pattern for optimizing the room control system and anticipation of the room fluctuation, and optimizing consumption through inverter drive system.

NSC Hall 3 E 101 

NSC is the global specialist in textile machines for processing long staple fibres such as wool and wool-like fibres. 3 machines will be presented on their 460 m² stand.

The ERA 50 combing machine will be presented in a multi-servomotor drive design. With this new drive, most of the settings will be possible via the main control screen. A wide range of materials have been tested on this new ERA combing machine and results are promising mainly for delicate material which has to be processed in a gentle manner. Also, despite the additional motors, power consumption remains low.

The GC 50 chain gill also benefits from additional axes driven by servomotors which allows more settings on the main control screen.

After nearly 20 years of absence, NSC is coming back with a new flyer frame BM 21 which has been designed to process low cohesion material such as silk, mohair, and linen by giving a twist. Its electrical drive makes the machine user-friendly.

All these new servomotor drives will allow more precise settings than using standard gearboxes. It will enhance textile quality.

Furthermore, these new drives and technology allow recipes to be saved on each machine, data exchange between machines will be possible through a Manufacturing Execution System (MES – Industry 4.0), as its remote access to the machines in case of incidents.

All these new technologies on NSC machines follow the global trend towards user-friendly, tool-less machines, with accurate settings via the control screen to


Established in 1981, BARBIER-EBELMANN is now a world renown specialist in special cutting devices and hard materials' machining. In close partnership with their customers, Ebelmann finds solutions to fix cutting problems specially when technical fibers like glass, aramid, carbon fibers are involved. Thanks to constant technical innovation in special scissors, with carbide tungsten blades, in association with polycrystalline diamond inserts and ceramics, EBELMANN is at the “cutting edge” of technology. Equipped with fully digitised machining centres, EBELMANN contributes to the enhancement of their customers’ production resources. Furthermore BARBIER-EBELMANN offers a manufacturing service and a re-sharpening service.

MALLEIN Hall 6 B 206

With 77 years of experience, MALLEIN is a specialist of the beams for warping and weaving, able to answer to all needs of the textile activity. The complete integration of its aluminum foundry and all of its means of production enables MALLEIN to respond to all specific requests particularly thanks to its know-how in special aluminum alloys.

MALLEIN will exhibit some of its new aluminum canisters at ITMA 2023, canisters that are improving each year, in order to produce them stronger and with a great geometric precision. They will also be exhibiting new flanges developed for specific customer applications.

MALLEIN is certified ISO 9001 V 2015 and ISO 14001 V 2015.

SCHAEFFER Productique Hall 9 B 210

SCHAEFFER will introduce its new textile business information system: SolinWAI. Digital tools are a key benefit to meet the challenges of the 21th century: durability, flexibility, responsiveness, CSR management, traceability. Faced with an increasing hybridization of the information systems, the digital solutions offered to textile companies by SCHAEFFER open up vast areas of improvement in industrial and business processes:

- dynamic organization managed through workflows,

- agility brought by the intensive use of experts’ systems and artificial intelligence,

- strength of standards adapted to the needs of companies to develop inter-connection processes between partners of the sector.

At ITMA, they will show the power of this tool designed with the most advanced technologies. It is accessible to the largest groups as well as small and medium-sized textile companies. SolinWAI is especially effective to improve the daily operations of textile companies. This digital solution combines flexibility, sustainability, modernity, artificial intelligence, workflows, for the greater benefit of companies. Thanks to Schaeffer partnership with N. Schlumberger, SolinWAI and FyberMES (Industry 4.0 and exchanges management solution) are practical examples of the contributions of Industry 4.0: simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and integration of the production resources into the global management system of companies. The presentation of the new enterprise resource management product for the textile industry is an important milestone in improving efficiency and productivity for the customers. 


CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY designs and produces complete units for bleaching and dyeing any type of fiber or application including wads, cables, bumps, coils. Customers from all over the world turn to this manufacturer for turnkey installations that maximize efficiency, sustainability, and safety. They specialize in solutions that reduce the amount of raw materials, water, and energy used while maintaining peak productivity and quality. Thanks to the integrated Optilab solutions the machines are able to reduce the amount of water to achieve the lowest cost per kilo for any application, resulting in a rapid return on investment and minimal impact on the environment.

As a member of the Valtech Group, CALLEBAUT DE BLICQUY, works closely with Valvan and Cretes, two machine builders with a long history in the textile industry and extensive experience in automation and process optimization. This collaboration resulted in a greater understanding of the processing of natural fibers such as hemp and linen, leading to superior defibrillation and bleaching results at a reduced cost.

Then, to summarize: high performance, low-impact solutions. 

HANNECARD Hall 11 A 201

With more than 120 years of experience, HANNECARD is the European leading suppliers of industrial roller coverings in rubber, polyurethane, composite and carbide to various sectors. They also offer a wide range of other services, from roller maintenance to roller repair and roller optimization. To the textile finishing industry, HANNECARD supplies, under the ROLLIN brand:

- rubber belts for compressive shrinking machines: Sanfor, Comfit, Bonzai,

- rubber coverings for the cylinders of textile finishing machines’ padders, from sizing to visiting,

- anti-sticking rubber coverings for coating lines,

- metal rollers for Tubetex machines,

- roll covering tapes.

HANNECARD offers solutions which apply to all textiles: knitted, woven – technical textiles and non-woven, from the preparation to the finishing process, including special anti-sticking coverings for fabrics coating. 


ALLIANCE, which incorporates BENE and DURAND has exhibited at all ITMA fairs.

More Air, less water have been used in ALLIANCE machines granting quality as well managing steplessly more and more savings in treatment costs.

In 2023, the huge price increase of energy combined to the lack of water bring ALLIANCE to develop two leading edge machines:

- The JETA UF, a very flexible machine, used to dye small quantity of high value fabrics in the shortest liquor ratio (prototyping, capsule collection and small production); It enables to dye woven as well as knitted fabrics.

- The NATURA DS dedicated to natural dyeing, as an alternative to chemical dyestuffs. This way to dye is today more and more talked about and eco-friendly.

These 2 innovations will embed IOT connectivity (internet of things) as well as a brand-new automation platform able to host our future dyeing AI. In addition to the manufacturing of several machines’ types, ALLIANCE MACHINES TEXTILES company is also supplying spare parts and offers a very good aftersales service.

Apart from brand new machines, ALLIANCE also proposes the JOUVENCE service: machines can be completely refurbished with an updated technology and can run again for more than 20 years.! The whole machines range will be also visible on the booth in Augmented or Virtual reality.

SPOOLEX Hall 14 B 203

CALEMARD, is the converting machinery division of SPOOLEX. Present since 1955 on a wide range of markets, Calemard has focused its activities on highly technical slitting applications. Always based on modular design each Calemard’s slitter is multi-purposes and can convert thick or thin materials into pads or spools of wide or narrow strips. Its technical and process expertise has allowed the French company to develop machines with sensitive web tension control and guiding systems, to manage, depending on the product to be converted, high, low and even extremely low tension on the same machine. the result is compact rolls with consistent tension, clean and straight edges for easy use on downstream operations. 

DECOUP+’s ultrasonic technology performs clean and soft edges, without fraying, overthickness but also strong and regular weldings without any additional material such as staples, glue, rivets…. Ultrasonic can be used on any synthetic fabrics. Quick and aesthetic, this technology allows a direct use of the final product. Present since 1975 on the market with a complete industrial range, Decoup+ offers compact and ergonomic devices used at any step of the textile production process.

ROLL CONCEPT t is the Industrial Rollers division of SPOOLEX. Since 1991, the company designs and manufactures industrial idler rollers, chill rollers and winding cores, specially engineered to increase line speed, improve process performance – by reducing web tension on the process and/or to help to save energy.

DOLLFUS & MULLER Hall 14 C 104

Dollfus & Muller, more than 200 years old, is the result of the merging of two companies in 1995: Dollfus & Noack and Manufacture Muller.

Today, Dollfus & Muller is a leading manufacturer of endless felts and dryer belts especially for the Textile finishing and Tanneries.

Dynajet is a sales department of Dollfus & Muller specialized in fabrics for ink jet printers and wide widths fabrics for theaters and events.

Dollfus & Muller manufactures endless felts and dryer belts for the textile finishing and nonwovens factories:

- compacting felts for knit finishing,

- sanforizing felts for denim and woven fabrics finishing,

- printing dryer belts for textile printing,

- sublimation blankets for transfer printing,

- decatizing felts for wool finishing,

- dryer belts for thermo-bonding ovens,

- tensionless dryer belts for knit finishing.

Dollfus & Muller compacting felts for knit finishing have gone through major evolutions in order to serve better the dyeing houses. The compacting felt quality brings a special care to the fabrics thanks to its smoothest surface, has an excellent guiding and the best compacting rate in relations with its exclusive compacting felt design.

The Dollfus & Muller sanforizing palmer felts are ideal for Denim producers. Furthermore, Dollfus & Muller manufacture durable printing dryer belt qualities. These print dryer belts are the most durable printing dryer belt specially designed for pigment printing of bed sheeting. Dollfus & Muller has its exclusive print open mesh belt specially designed for the production of fine fabrics, scarves, flags, these belts have special non marking surfaces which can avoid as well the particles on the back side. Dollfus & Muller has the widest range of printing dryer belts and the strongest dryer belts.

Finally, Dollfus & Muller manufacture the transfer printing felt. This felt is resistant against the heat and dye staff insuring a perfect transfer of colorants on the fabrics.


TEXTI-SONIC designs and manufactures a specific range of ultrasonic welding and sealing / slitting devices for FIBC industries (Big-Bags, …), machines and looms manufacturers, packaging, technical textiles, geotextiles, non-woven, medical, awnings, plastics, flexible products. These devices offer a great technical versatility for straight or curved operations, or multi layers in continuous assembling, in multi-spots sealing, joining end to end narrow or wide webs.

The patented approach system is known as "Sonic Touch Control". It guarantees optimal sealing/cutting results and enables a lowest wear of sonotrodes and tools.

For “synthetic thermo-fusible fabrics”, the sealing/slitting technology improves the finishing of the fabrics:

- with very strong, soft and clean sealed edges (no fraying),

- with high productivity of the sealing and slitting operations,

- without any over-thickness,

- with the respect of original colours of the products to be converted,

- without any burn or not even yellowing.

In the packaging industry turning to the ultrasonics allows:

to save a huge quantity of energy by using ultrasonic only when need instead of using heating elements which have to constantly keep the required high temperature,

to avoid the use of clips or staples, etc. and that way enables to respect the European environmental standards regarding the recycling of materials.


Since 1905, ROUSSELET-ROBATEL manufactures centrifuges for use in the textile industry which include continuous centrifugal hydro-extractors, and batch centrifuges with interchangeable baskets for loose stock fibers, bobbins, and textile fabrics.

Centrifugal hydro-extractor, textile centrifuge, continuous hydro-extractor, batch and automatic textile centrifuges

For all type of textile and fibers, natural or synthetic

For all shape (loose stock, flock, hanks, fabrics, bobbins...)

Dyeing and finishing mills, cotton bleaching, wool washing and carbonizing

Impregnation and applications (fire retardant, tarring...)

Thanks to its design department, composed of high qualified engineers and technicians who work for continuous improvement of the machines design; ROUSSELET-ROBATEL can offer unique and customized solutions. ROUSSELET-ROBATEL provides to all its customer an efficient after sales service. A wide range of equipment is also available for rental, or purchase, for on-site testing or interim production. At the test facility in Annonay, preliminary studies can be performed using the latest centrifugal technology according to the customer’s specific process.

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