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Tecnorama: ITMA 23 confirms the leadership

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Tecnorama is the leader in dyeing laboratory automation thanks to its patented Dos&Dye® systems that allows to obtain the exact recipe to be replicated in bulk machines that drastically reduce corrections in production and re-dyeing with significant time savings and increased productivity.

For more than 35 years, the company has been developing high-tech products with a strong innovative connotation: it acknowledges and analyses market needs and develops products to meet the highest market expectations. Tecnorama has seen steady growth over the years because its proposed values have always been appreciated by customers who recognize its cutting-edge technology, innovative results, attention to the environment, customer care with tailor-made solutions, and pre- and after-sales support.

The leadership position is also corroborated by being considered as a benchmark by the market so that the machines developed and built in Tecnorama are often emulated by companies that cannot count on the same expertise and are therefore unable to offer equally reliable products of comparable quality. Being competitive for dyehouses means adopting strategies and processes that improve production efficiency, that's the plus of the original Dos&Dye® systems: cutting lab costs, avoiding errors, optimizing reliability and reproducibility to improve production.

The company pursues its goals with continuous and significant investment in R&D and by developing in-house departments capable of responding to demands for product innovation and commercial follow-up. It's been a while since the founders have, with foresight, adopted a strategy to continue growing maintaining market leadership. In this spirit, Mario Scatizzi and Romana Barni have set up a management team capable of continuing to run the company with the same energy they always expressed. 

ITMA 2023 was an opportunity to confirm Alessandro Giugni as CEO and the entire management team formed by the professional figures who have contributed to the company's success for many years. ?The new products that Tecnorama exhibited at the fair also made their mark at this ITMA.?

Perfectly integrated into the Dos&Dye® systems for the laboratory, the high-performance Dosorama MASTER and the Dyrama 4R/1000 for dyeing yarns with a capacity of 1kg were the major innovations physically present in the booth. There was also great resonance for the Dos&Dye® 6000 Just in Time system for dyeing small batches, which has already been chosen by prestigious internationally recognized companies.

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