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The address of innovations in cots grinding machines, Asteks, continued its success at ITMA 2023

© 2023 Asteks
Asteks, participating in ITMA 2023, which brought the global textile industry together after four years, has become a favourite destination for new investments of textile manufacturers with its apron and cots as well as its advanced grinding technology.

Asteks, a specialist in durable and long-lasting apron and cots as well as advanced grinding and automation technologies, met with the global textile industry at ITMA 2023, the international textile machinery exhibition held on June 8-14. Sharing its latest solutions and corporate vision during the exhibition in Milan, Asteks achieved strong expectations for the second half of 2023 and 2024. While the new generation 401-SF&M cots grinding machine exhibited at the Asteks booth attracted great interest from the visitors, the latest R&D solution UV-305 cots surface treatment machine, which can work integrated with this solution, was also introduced for the first time.

Asteks Marketing and Sales Manager Sabri Ilknur said the following in his evaluation of the exhibition; “There were serious growth expectations on a global scale after the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona was completed with great success. However, with the pandemic that broke out at the end of the year, there was recession in all markets and interruptions in the supply chain. Therefore, serious problems arose in investments and orders at numerous points. With the pandemic behind us, ITMA 2023 in Milan has gained great importance for the sector in this period of re-normalisation and growth dynamics have increased their effectiveness. As Asteks, we achieved a result that met our expectations at ITMA 2023, which we attended in order to strengthen our connection with the revitalised markets and reach potential new customers. The real success of ITMA will be determined by the conversion of the meetings at the exhibition into real sales agreements later on. We received very positive signals in this direction.”

401-SF&M and UV-305 integration attracted the attention of textile manufacturers

Asteks, highlighting its rich product range and expertise in grinding during ITMA 2023, had the opportunityto directly introduce its technologies, which are 100% the product of its own R&D studies, as well as its apron and cots recognised in the global market. The new generation high efficiency 401-SF&M Grinding Machine exhibited at the booth was closely examined by the visitors and made an impression with its performance and automation capability. UV-305 cots surface treatment machine, the newest of Asteks product portfolio, was also introduced to the visitors for the first time. UV-305, which can work integrated with 401-SF&M, sets new standards for the operating efficiency and grinding quality of spinning mills.

Sabri Ilknur © 2023 Asteks
Sabri Ilknur © 2023 Asteks

Sabri Ilknur stated that the textile industry has started to experience a serious transformation due to digitalisation and sustainability demands, and explained that the solutions they introduced at the exhibition have the design and functional features to respond to these demands. ?lknur continued his words as follows; “Asteks has gone beyond positioning itself only as an apron and cots manufacturer and has transformed into a technology company. We underline our identity as a technology manufacturer in all exhibitions we attend and introduce the solutions we have developed. These two integrated solutions, which we introduced at ITMA, speed up and facilitate the work in the grinding departments, while preventing manual errors and increasing working comfort. With its high automation capability and functionality, our 401-SF&M cots grinding machine has gained great appreciation since the first day it was introduced to the market. Our new UV-305 cots surface treatment machine that we developed in the next step to make the grinding process continuous and automated, offers a significant capacity increase to enterprises. It is not possible for Industry 4.0, digitalisation and sustainability demands not to affect the grinding departments, and as Asteks, we have shown that we offer pioneering solutions to textile manufacturers in this regard.”

Asteks welcomed visitors from all points of the global market at its booth

Sabri Ilknur said that they met with textile manufacturers from various markets during the exhibition and added that they hosted visitors from target markets as well as existing markets. Ilknur stated that visitors from Türkiye, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkmenistan and South American countries reached significant numbers. Noting that there is an increase in demand in the markets where textile production is present, ?lknur said that the effect of the ITMA 2023 exhibition on orders and sales can be seen more clearly by the end of the year.

© 2023 Asteks
© 2023 Asteks

Ilknur reminded that they have a wide product range and explained that in addition to apron and cots types and grinding machines, solutions such as cots fitting presses, measuring devices, cots UV device, felt cleaning machine were also considered in the meetings at the exhibition with the investment and operating advantages they provide.

Sustainability and digitalisation are key trends in the textile industry

Sabri Ilknur said that sustainability and digital transformation were the main themes of ITMA 2023 and numerous companies exhibited their innovations in this field and emphasised that Asteks has been creating added value for textile manufacturers in this field for a long time. Sabri Ilknur noted; “Today, when the climate crisis is being discussed and solutions are being sought, the environmental footprint of textile production is more prominent than ever before” and concluded his words as follows; “The new technologies developed focus on efficient production and recycling processes as well as saving raw materials and energy. There are now new criteria at each stage of the supply chain in textile production. As Asteks, we contribute to minimising the carbon footprint of textile manufacturers with the long-lasting and durable aprons and cots we develop and produce in spinning. In addition, our new technologies with high automation capability not only eliminate manual errors in the grinding process, but also guarantee standardised quality and long-lasting operation. Our new solutions are developed on the axis of digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and of course sustainability and are praised in the market.”

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