ITM 2012


Marzoli goes on with their new design philosophy and presents their innovations at ITM

(c) 2012 Marzoli
Marzoli has embarked on a new design philosophy. They said, that their efforts must go through the innovative integration of new technologies to expand the applications.

Through positive contamination due to new technologies they will improve the performance of both process and products in order to create new solutions.

Marzoli, thanks to its experience of a century and half, its R & D and the synergistic activity triggered by two university centers of Italian research, is strongly committed to study new products and the consequent production processes in order to give always their customers new market opportunities to enable new business.


The products and the integrated process presented at ITMA Barcelona will also be present at ITM Istanbul. Marzoli sees them as a concrete demonstration of the new design philosophy.

The next steps of the spinning machinery specialist from Italy are:

  • Machines with quality performance and more advanced production
  • Versatile machines able to work different types of fibers
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • After-sales delocalized. In this regard they see the two service centers recently opened in Uzbekistan (Tashkent) and India (Bangalore).

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