Marzoli: steps towards spinning mill 4.0

The constant predisposition towards innovation and the synergies shared with Camozzi Group on IoT and the most recent technologies (Cloud Computing, Smart Sensors, Industrial Ethernet, Machine Learning, …) have enabled Marzoli, the European leader of spinning technology, to interpret the paradigms of Industry 4.0 and exploit them in order to further enhance performances and flexibility of its plants.

Marzoli has developed two innovative software platforms that allow an easy and quick management of yarn production and a substantial optimization of the entire spinning process. These two platforms were installed, in 2014, at pilot factories in Turkey and Italy and in November 2015 were presented at ITMA Milan.

YarNet, Marzoli production management software, is the platform that allows to register and elaborate all production data, operating conditions and technological parameters of the machines in real time in one simple, intuitive and wellstructured interface and allows the user to interact directly with each and every machine of the spinning plant by downloading, editing and uploading any production recipe.

The centralization of all the information about production, efficiency levels, energy consumption, alarms, etc. enables the client to have everything under control in any moment and to manage and optimize production from his office.

MRM, the innovative software platform for predictive maintenance developed by Marzoli, allows to continuously analyze the symptomatic data gathered by processors and sensors installed in critical parts of the machines to constantly monitor their efficiency.

The data about temperatures, power consumption, pressures, speeds and vibrations are gathered and, through a gateway, sent to the Azure Cloud provided by Microsoft. The data are then analyzed through special algorithms developed by Marzoli which continuously verify the monitored parameters in relation to the machine working conditions. If anyone of them is outside the tolerance range, an automatic email alert is sent to the client’s addresses registered in the system.

The client can always access the dedicated SW platform where it is possible to see the information for predictive maintenance of the machines and of the overall efficiency of the plant. Furthermore Marzoli’s customer service can access, if necessary, the customer’s machine in order to diagnose the problem and communicate the necessary steps to solve it.

MRM discloses the following benefits: prevention of machine failures, longer running life of the machine components and more effective maintenance of the mill.

Pics: Example screens of Marzoli YarNet and MRM software
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