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Santex Rimar Group invited by IBM to talk about Industry 4.0

During the convention Industry 4.0. The time is now organized in Turin by IBM Italy, Santex Rimar Group CEO, Stefano Gallucci was invited as keynote speaker to present his view of the revolution of the artificial intelligence with regards to the textile industry.

“Santex Rimar Group machines are learning how to improve production processes using big data: we are offering cognitive systems that enable our customers to achieve and maintain quality production standards and implement predictive maintenance. Our new technologies are understanding the processes avoiding waste of energy as well as materials and quality errors” said Stefano Gallucci, CEO of Santex Rimar Group

“Our customers produce textiles and technical textiles used in many different fields: from mobile microphones to haute-couture, from curtains to military garments, including aerospace and automotive components. Textile companies are already asking for state-of-the-art technology and we are looking forward to providing the best solutions."

And he adds: "Santex Rimar Group machines will be able to suggest how to produce high quality fabrics and solve problems autonomously, assuring 100% traceability of a green and eco-friendly production”.

“We can no longer face the market just as a mechanical company, we have to be part of the new digital era” concluded Stefano Gallucci “Santex Rimar Group machines must help solve the challenges of such a competitive fast-paced textile industry: for this reason, we are studying big data, clouds and deep learning tools”.

Stefano Gallucci, CEO of Santex Rimar Group (c) 2018 Santex Rimar Group
Stefano Gallucci, CEO of Santex Rimar Group (c) 2018 Santex Rimar Group

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