Extremely durable ceramics by Kordsa, beyond your coffee cup

Ceramic matrix composites are gaining increasing attention as a mainstream material option for high temperature components especially in the aerospace. Kordsa, shapes the ceramic matrix composites market with its high quality and innovative ceramic fabrics & prepregs.

Ceramics, known for their incredible strength and superior heat resistance, have many uses in daily life from pottery and bricks, to gas turbine engines and dentistry. The article by Mary P. Shafer, General Manager of Fabric Development Inc in the Reinforcer describes the increasing use of CMC’s in various industries. Briefly, CMC materials, especially oxide-oxide composites, can substitute metallic components in high temperature environments bringing advantages in terms of weight reduction, increase in thermal ef?ciency, prolonged service lifetime and reduced maintenance cost.

Reinforcement leader Kordsa, recently has expanded its CMC capabilities with the acquisition of Fabric Development Inc (FDI), Textile Products Inc (TPI) and Axiom Materials. FDI is currently supporting the aircraft insulation activities while TPI is a leader in weaving fabrics for CMCs and is the sole source for the Passport engine program. Axiom Materials is one of the leading manufacturer of oxide-oxide prepregs. Its High Temperature Composites Center will be the only one of its kind to support this growing market.

For more details on CMCs and Kordsa’s capabilities please read: “Ceramics-Beyond Your Coffee Cup” by Mary P. Shafer General Manager of FDI.

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