Swisstex France with new name and new owner

At 3rd of May the Reyes Group, an industrial company in mechanical and electrical engineering from France,announced that they had taken over all assets from the French Swisstex on 19th April and changed en passent the name of the new group member to VERDOL.

In the announcement of Christophe Reyes, CEO of the Reyes Groupe and Jean-Claude Gnonlonfoun, General Manager of Verdol, both let us know that the two companies had a strong relationship in the past and already worked together in the last 25 years. Additionally to the Verdol know-how Reyes sees synergy effects because of perfect conplementary skills of the Reyes Groupe. SwissTex France, now Verdol, is a major player supplying machinery in the field of cabling and twisting for synthetic filaments and spun yarns.

Reyes Group has the will to strengthen the technological, financial and commercial capabilities of Verdol so that the machines will be always on the forefront of innovation for the complete satisfaction of the companys customers.

They said: “VERDOL and ist teams, which we renewed our confidence for the quality of work in recent years, will be able, given the new ressources that we put now at their disposal, to bring you again a better service and remove the failures of the past”.

The announcement also said that the Reyes Groupe has an international experinence, but the visit of the website of the company (http://www.reyesgroupe.fr) brought the knowledge that the group communication is only available in French language. Maybe this is one point for complete satisfaction, if the customers could get deeper information about the new owner of their important supplier for machinery.

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