Verdol UT machine for twisting of industrial yarns (c) 2013 Verdol
JEC AMERICAS will be a major event this year in the USA for the composites markets. VERDOL, part of the Reyes Group will be present at the Show and will offer on its booth a complete range of Technologies and Machinery for the Processing of Glass and High Tenacity Yarns.

VERDOL (Hall A / French Pavilion / Booth: K38) is a process expert in twisting, assembling, cabling, covering and winding of yarns made of synthetic, artificial, natural and mineral fibers. VERDOL designs and manufactures machines for many sectors of the Technical yarn markets including Glass Yarns, Industrial Yarns, Tire Cord, and Carpet Yarns. VERDOL’s staff will welcome visitors during the JEC AMERICAS Show, being held from 2nd to 4th October 2013, in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Highlights of the VERDOL presentation will be:

Glass Yarns: A global reputation
VERDOL responds to customers’ demands by offering a wide range of machines that best fit the customers’ needs. Verdol is continuously researching innovative technology to maximize equipment performance and high quality therefore, increasing productivity and decreasing operating costs.

Industrial Yarns: One step further in innovation
Every application has its specific twisting and cabling quality demands. The range of VERDOL twisting, assembling and cabling machines fulfills these challenging targets.

The UT 60, UTC 60 and UTW machines are known worldwide for their performance and energy savings.  
The Universal Twister UT 60 is well known throughout the industry for its flexibility and production efficiency. By having independent spindle positions, the user can produce different yarns simultaneously. 
The UTC 60 is the perfect answer for the twisting and direct cabling of all types of industrial yarns. 
The UTW 40 is dedicated to 3-ply cord cabling in a single step process.

M.U.S.T, (Monitoring Unit System for Textile machinery) the Verdol Plant Management System 
M.U.S.T. the high-technology application offers a complete and comprehensive plant management system.  M.U.S.T. is presently utilized at major carpet, glass, technical and industrial yarn producers.   M.U.S.T. provides a real-time overview of process information, production results and quality control data at all levels from the cabler and twister to the weaving looms. Its web-based conception ensures remote access, gateway with main ERP systems, mobile application on PDA, and display on monitor for comprehensive efficiency. 

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