ITMA-Asia + CITME-2014


Saurer’s first birthday and a successful premiere at ITMA Asia + CITME 2014

At the ITMA Asia 2014 Saurer press conference the Saurer Managers introduced all kinds of the Saurer business to the press (c) 2014 TexData
ITMA Asia in Shanghai – the first exhibition of the complete Saurer Group, proved to be a very successful event for the Group. Being the only machine manufacturer launching three completely new machines, the Saurer booth was attracting a large number of visitors from both China and abroad. The new sustainability label: E3 - the triple added value that was launched in Shanghai, was extremely well received by customers, as the label focuses on all essential features of a machine.

The first Saurer press conference held during the exhibition saw the Group’s CEO, Mr Daniel Lippuner and the Business Units CEO’s highlight the drive, passion and innovation with which the Group had entered the exhibit.

During the press conference Mr Daniel Lippuner revealed bits of what Saurer has been concentrating on the first year of the “new era”. The concentration on customers, the decentralization of the internal structure that allows decisions to be taken fast and close to the customer is paying off. The applause the Group received for the new products combined with the new customer oriented drive makes a promise of a bright future.
Like every birthday, the first birthday of Saurer on the 4th of July 2014, was celebrated worldwide enthusiastically.

The birthday cakes were arranged worldwide for all the employees and festivities included poems to the “young one” in Germany as well as tree planting ceremonies in India. The pictures that were received were such of happy faces. Passion for people is something that Saurer wrote on its milestones a year ago and smiling faces worldwide confirm that the road taken is the right one. May the continuous years be as successful as the first one. Happy birthday Saurer !

Saurer Schlafhorst: Unveiling crowd pullers BD 6 and Zinser 72
Visitors excited by BD 6 and Zinser 72. The market and innovation leader Schlafhorst presented a comprehensive technology portfolio comprising four machines at ITMA. The new rotor spinning machine BD 6 and the ring and compact spinning machines in the new Zinser 72 series proved to be crowd pullers. Chairman of the Saurer board Mr Pan Xueping and Saurer CEO Mr Daniel Lippuner unveiled a real eye catcher at the exhibition in the innovative BD 6 rotor spinning machine in the new SAURER livery. With its DigiPiecing piecing technology and highly precise winding technology, the BD 6 bridges the gap between the Autocoro class and the semi-automatic segment. It defines a completely new type of machine with which customers achieve faster, better and more economical production.

The new Zinser 72 ring and compact spinning machines, likewise resplendent in their new livery, were the second highlight. Super-long and super-productive, these machines with up to 1,920 spindles and speeds of up to 25,000 rpm give customers of Schlafhorst unique competitive advantages. At the same time, they save energy due to the new bilateral suction system.

Pic:The new Zinser 72 ring and compact spinning machine

Autoconer X5 occupies an unrivalled position.
The Autoconer X5 was once again the focus of interest. Schlafhorst's automatic package winder produces individual package formats at the touch of a button thanks to the globally successful, softwarecontrolled yarn displacement system PreciFX. Customers of Schlafhorst can thus design packages that exactly meet the requirements of downstream processing stages. Efficient, quality packages become a unique feature of successful spinning mills in this way. At winding speeds of up to 2,000 m/min and with the new material flow technology of the Autoconer X5, companies also increase the productivity and efficiency of their entire ring spinning process.

Autocoro 8 – a benchmark in rotor spinning
Last but not least, Schlafhorst also exhibited its flagship in rotor spinning, the Autocoro 8, at the exhibition in Shanghai. The Autocoro 8 with its innovative single-drive technology is still the undisputed benchmark in rotor spinning and surprises the industry time and again with sensational advances in productivity. Customers love its high level of flexibility, outstanding efficiency and marked energy savings, but above all the opportunities it offers to gain new clients with the Autocoro 8 and thereby improve their own market position.

Saurer Allma and Saurer Volkmann:Setting new benchmarks with E³ technology
Allma and Volkmann with triple added value at ITMA Asia 2014. With their new high-performance twisting machines and the E³ technology, Allma and Volkmann scored points with the trade visitors. The E³ concept with its features Energy, Economics and Ergonomics stands for triple added value for customers. The innovative solutions for twisting and cabling machines ensure energy cost savings of up to 50 percent, depending on the system solution. Customers also benefit from enormous productivity increases as well as ergonomic advantages and high operating convenience. Together with the excellent yarn and package quality, this results in optimum conditions for maximum added value for today and tomorrow. We are proud of the great interest shown in our products and thank our customers very much for their confidence.

Saurer Jintan: Successful introduction of the new card JSC326
During the exhibition, there were over 60 mills visiting Saurer Jintan’s booth, including a substantial number of potential customers intending to invest in Saurer Jintan machinery. Total planned investment under discussion, were over RMB 50million and a number of contracts were already signed at the exhibition. All in all this was a very successful introduction of Saurer Jintan as a new family member of the Saurer Group.

Pic:There have been many visitors in all areas of the large booth

Saurer Embroidery: Successful with Epoca 6 pro and its new features
With its new features Soutache Head and iSed, the successful Epoca 6 pro surprised and convinced the large number of international trade visitors. Particular attention was given to the new Saurer Soutache system which excels through the new design possibilities of the motor-driven application heads, high production speed, easy accessibility and simple handling. We thank all our customers and visitors for their visit to our booth.

The positive feedback from all markets confirms us to continue along the chosen path.and gain access to the heads, with the results that downtimes during production and retooling are drastically reduced. The multifunctional soutache wheel allows the most diverse materials to be processed: from the finest soutache cord, a huge variety of braid widths, right through to technical yarns.

Saurer Components:High performance components
Saurer Components demonstrated its role as the leading manufacturer of high quality components. Under the brands of Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Heberlein, Temco and Texparts, high performance components for staple fibre spinning as well as filament processing were on display. Customers from all over the world visited the booth and learned about the latest innovations Accotex© AccoSmart, Texparts® Compact Adaption, the ATYJet-RC and Lufan-3 by Heberlein. Saurer Components finalised several large orders during the Exhibition.

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