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Best available technologies (BAT) presented by FONG’S on the CAITME 2013

The Allwin yarn dyeing machine (c) 2013 FONG'S
Economical and sustainable production can only be achieved with the right tools. To succeed in times of pressure it is important to use the right tools- and the best available technologies are always the right choice for a successful business. The latest generation of the THEN AIRFLOW® SYNERGY 8 is the best example of how to make good things even better.

 It is well known that the liquor ratio achieved with the THEN AIRFLOW® principle up to date has not been beaten. The same counts for the versatility of this superior machine. With the latest development the energy consumption can also be reduced not only by the little amount of dyeing liquor to be heated up, but also due to the reduction of the electricity consumption of the blowers. Every tube now has an individual frequency controlled blower with less installed power. All the other advantages of the THEN AIRFLOW® SYNERGY series remain unchanged, which leads to shorter cycling times and substantial savings in water as well as high reproducibility and smooth fabric guiding.

Talking about fabric guiding: The latest development in the field of long tube machines is also coming from FONG’S. With a revolutionary new concept the new long tube machine is about to be launched. For a hydraulic machine the liquor ratio will be setting new standards and also the fabric run can be considered as revolutionary, compliant even for finest qualities.

One of the best available technologies in the field of dyeing and finishing for sure is cold pad batch dyeing with Swimming Rollers. Due to the deflection control by means of a hydraulic oil cushion an even pick up from side to side can be achieved with a perfect reproducibility. The fabric surface remains perfectly clean because the fabric is guided open width- thus crease marks are also no issue. With the new ECONOMICA from GOLLER this concept can also be looked into during the CAITME. A perfect way to safe dyestuff, chemicals, water and energy.

With all the new innovations coming this autumn from FONG’S it is easy to forget about all the other best available technologies like the Allwin yarn dyeing machine with the lowest liquor ratio in the market or the SINTENSA washing machine for open width knitted fabric, where rotors inside the washing drums force the washing liquor through the fabric even at the lowest speed: washing mechanics at its best without any negative impact on the fabric.

FONG’S is the biggest producer of textile machinery for wet finishing worldwide. With nearly 4000 employees and the latest technologies in manufacturing textile machinery the traditional Hong Kong based company is the key player in dyeing and finishing. With GOLLER, MONFORTS, THEN and XORELLA it offers the market leading brands in the sector of continuous as well as discontinuous dyeing and finishing and the conditioning of yarn.

To learn more about best available technologies in the field of wet finishing the booth of TTS (Textile Technology Service) is the place to be at the CAITME 2013. In Pavilion 1, B46 the specialists of FONG’S EUROPE GMBH will attend this exhibition to present the latest technologies in terms to save water, energy and time.

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