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More than a face-lift: E+L presents products, applications and technologies in a new way

Hannelore Leimer after having launched the new Erhardt+Leimer website (c) 2017 Erhardt+Leimer
The new Erhardt+Leimer website is online – this event was celebrated last week by members of the Management Board and the company’s Marketing department. Hannelore Leimer, Chairwoman of the Board, was the one to push the symbolic start button.
From now on, comprehensive information about the E+L group and about products, applications and technologies provided by the specialist for automation and inspection technology is available on www.erhardt-leimer.com in a fresh style – with easier and clearer navigation than before. A product finder has been added, making it easier to find a certain solution in the extensive E+L portfolio. In addition, the new site offers the possibility to find a certain product by means of specific machine drawings, some of which are available in 3D style.

Another important improvement: the E+L web site is now ”mobile friendly“. Thanks to responsive web design, the content adapts to the terminal equipment used, making it comfortably readable for smartphone and tablet PC users, too.

The website addresses customers, business partners and job applicants interested in the international high-tech Company.

Pic: The home page of the new Erhardt+Leimer website (c) 2017 Erhardt+Leimer

Pic: One of the 3D machine drawings making it possible to quickly find a specific product 
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