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58th Venice Biennale: Suedwolle Group partners with COSMOSOLUNA

Suedwolle Group, the well-known spinner of pure wool and wool blend worsted yarns, will be attending the 58th Venice Biennale as a partner for COSMOSOLUNA, an interdisciplinary performance created by textile artist and social designer Miro Craemer. It takes place on 9th and 10th of May 2019 in the picturesque setting of Palazzo Bembo in Venice.

On 9th and 10th of May, Palazzo Bembo will host a performance that uses textiles as a global language, in tune with the values of Suedwolle Group

COSMOSOLUNA is a performance inspired by the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and involves a variety of creative languages – contemporary dance, textile art, painting and music. The free-access performance creates a choreographed itinerary leading visitors through the Renaissance palace, starting in the open space outside, adjoining the Rialto Bridge. It will play at regular intervals throughout both days.

Under the direction of Miro Craemer, a group of contemporary dancers from Vicenza choreographed by Betty Tezza will perform to the rhythm of a soundtrack created for the occasion by Alexander Löwenstein. They wear costumes designed by Craemer himself using also textiles made of yarns by Suedwolle Group. The colour palette consists of a “lunar” range of blue, silver and white, with shades of orange reminiscent of the painting “Azimut” by Gotlind Timmermanns, which will be displayed at the venue along with other works by the German artist.

Textiles created with Suedwolle Group yarns were an inspiration for the iconic style of Miro Craemer, a designer renowned for his highly impactful cuts and colour combinations. His creative vision brings together mostly recycled materials and a range of colour palettes and different artistic languages to create an “aesthetic manifesto on the cosmos and humankind’s responsibilities and desires”.

Suedwolle Group, just like Miro Craemer, understands textiles as a “global language” that goes beyond borders and is able to connect different aspects of the contemporary world, such as people, nature and technology. “We are happy to support Miro Craemer’s project because his artistic approach has many affinities with our company values. As a yarn producer that is positioned right in the middle of the textile supply chain, we aim to foster social responsibility – especially of concern for the environment – and a dialogue that builds connections between different disciplines and needs. For some years we’ve been supporting new generations of fashion designers and artists in order to make room for new inspirations, because that is what we need: We are asked to broaden our horizons to find new ideas for the challenges of our time – not just in arts, but also in fashion and the whole textile industry” comments Klaus Steger, President of ERWO Group, which includes Suedwolle Group.

COSMOSOLUNA is organised and hosted by the Global Art Affairs Foundation (GAA), a non-profit contemporary art body which during the Venice Biennale - opening on 11th May - will present the “Personal Structures” exhibition at Palazzo Bembo.

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