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A creative vision for 2024 fashion

Credit: Exempt yourself from stimulation. Artwork :Corine Van Voorbergen and Esmay Wagemans Photography by: PrismaCompositional
After taking us to the edge of the universe, at the core of a timeless Big Bang, Louis Gérinand Gregory Lamaud, the Art Directors of Texworld Evolution Paris, shed light on a newly born world, where humanity (finally) opens its eyes and reconnects with its senses.

Called "Premier Sens", the trend book for the Spring-Summer 2024 season gives a reading of a new world, untouched by past lives. An attempt to " return to the senses " to be discovered from 6 to 8 February at the Parc des Expositions de Paris-Le-Bourget.

Credit: @matchwithart   Artist : Julien Colombier @juliencolombier Galerie Le Feuvre & Roze @galerielefeuvreroze
Credit: @matchwithart Artist : Julien Colombier @juliencolombier Galerie Le Feuvre & Roze @galerielefeuvreroze

Built on the analysis of emerging signals detected in the creative, economic, and societal fields, this new proposal marks the return of the mix and match: under the pressure of social networks, fashion is constructed by affinity assembly from a very heterogeneous dressing room. Gone are the univocal references: style no longer imposes its rules and colour is expressed in large universes in which each finds its inspiration. The fabrics are then used to bring the aged, metallic, lacquered or quilted aspects that will set them apart. A new world organised into four major themes to be (re)discovered with our senses.

• Dampen. This topic expresses the difficulty experienced in the face of the incessant - thundering - flowof information that assaults us, « Made all thoughts impossible[...] ». It expresses itself in a predominantly digital creative environment, rather seductive, undulating and almost transparent. We find materials that can be shiny or padded, protective, assembled in a repetitive way, like a wave that would absorb the sound of the outside world:«Atthebeginning, life is a sound. A wave. A ripple. Later, it is a dance. »

• Touch. Here we return to the world of touching, « To break down the wall between us and the outside. ». In reaction to our virtual 'digital baskets', this theme focuses on materials that reveal themselves and become meaningful under the hand: natural fibres, patinated, aged textiles, leathers, cotton, hemp or flax... The colour range is concentrated on tones close to natural elements: the brown and earthy ochre, the grey of stone, the black of carbon, the blues of the sky, the sea or the incandescence of the ember.

Credit: Simohammed Fettaka – fettaka.com
Credit: Simohammed Fettaka – fettaka.com

• Get a glimpse.«It is time to open our eyes...»This theme has a fundamental sense in the world of fashion. Vision also refers to the universal narcissism that guides our clothing choices and the way we want to be seen. « Our era shouts it from the rooftops, on all the networks: Look at me, tell me I exist! » It also deals with those collective systems of belonging that push us to copy, to operate by mimetism. Clothes must be seen and desirable: make place for brilliance, shimmering materials, bright and acidic colours, without masks...

• Swallow. This creative universe expresses our thirst for humanity, our desire to embrace the world. « And each thing, each being, each landscape that I will have swallowed will slightly modify my vision of the world. [...] To taste the world is to accept to be enriched. » It is also a way of going into the real world but in a smooth way, by using soothing, natural tones – borrowed from the world of taste (digital ginger, sweet vegetable, etc.) – capable of expressing strong contrasts in creative choices.

These themes will be presented at the Trends Forum. Visitors will be able to discover samples of materials and finished products selected by the show's artistic directors to represent each of these creative worlds.

Credit: Fabio Viale, Koros 2020  White marble and pigments.
Credit: Fabio Viale, Koros 2020 White marble and pigments.

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