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National brands presented current trends in the Chinese fashion market at CHIC Shanghai

© 2020 CHIC
As the first fashion event after the outbreak of the pandemic, CHIC Shanghai welcomed a total number of 43,986 visitors from September 23 to 25, 2020 at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai.
  • A total number of more than 43,000 visitors of CHIC Shanghai
  • Upward trend: the Chinese trade shows positive figures again 
  • Interest  in  fashion:  increased  demand  for  new  but  high quality trends
  • Sustainability in fashion is a key issue at the fair

CHIC presented itself on an area of 53,000 sqm with over 500 brands in all fashion and lifestyle segments. As far as internationality was concerned, mainly Chinese brands were represented and international labels if they have agents in China.

The focus of the fair was on sustainable fashion and the upgrade of fashion, which corresponds to the current demand of Chinese consumers.

There is an upward trend in Chinese trade. For August the National Bureau of Statistics published an increase of 0.8% for the first time since the beginning of the year. Domestic consumption will be the most important growth driver in the next few years, as well as higher quality, more expensive collections that meet the high demand for quality and style. The smaller metropolises in particular (lower tier cities with up to 3 million inhabitants) are recording high consumer spending. At the same time, the digital platforms continue to develop rapidly with enormous sales growth. The market relevance of young consumers in particular with regard to willingness to spend is also increasing, such as the Gen Z group (born after 1996), who make up 25% of the country's population. According to a recent PwC study on China's "New Retail", this group and China's millennials are willing to spend a lot on products that emphasize their individuality and values of life. Health and sustainability are very important to them.

© 2020 CHIC
© 2020 CHIC

Chen  Dapeng,  President  of  CHIC  and  the  China  National  Garment Association:

"The global clothing industry is exposed to enormous strains and faces great  challenges.  The  industry  is  in  a  process  of  transformation  and adjustment, the key points are digitalization, innovation and the change in   the   entire   development   concept.   Sustainable   development   has become a global consensus. A responsible and a sustainable industrial ecosystem  and  an  ecological  supply  chain  system  have  become  an important  part  of  the  industrial  "soft  power".  CHIC  is  the  microcosm  of the  development  of  the  Chinese  clothing  industry  and  sees  itself  as  a service  provider  for  industry  and  trade  to  which  the  fair  provides  all resources."

CHIC Segments

Due to the currently still valid travel restrictions, almost without exception only national brands presented themselves at CHIC in Shanghai. They provided a good overview of the current trends in the Chinese fashion market: Urban View (men), New Look (women), Impulses (designer), CHIC-YOUNG BLOOD (streetwear and denim), CHIC KIDZ (kidswear), Shoes and Bags, Secret Stars (accessories), Future Link (innovations for fashion and retail), etc.

Casual / leisurewear was an important topic in menswear in addition to the providers of classic suits such as Dong Meng, well-known brands such as Lei Nuo presented bravely colored collections including suits in chimney red for men and orange for women.

Young Fashion © 2020 CHIC
Young Fashion © 2020 CHIC

The silver-metallic colored collection by THANKQUE was a crowd puller. Giving off strong futuristic vibes their new collection of men´s streetwear includes graphic t-shirts with humorous comic prints, casual shorts and stylish puffer jackets with a “space” theme touch.

Colorful puffer jackets and coats were also to be seen at Suo Ou Te, in combination with bold slogans and puffer bags.

In the kidswear area the very trendy label Qirui & Deze showed the latest trends in kids fashion and was successfully matched with Tesco on site.

At Jing Yia it was all about denim, from destroyed jeans with colorful prints to matching denim jackets, also using creative graffiti elements and spray patterns. Linen was a strong topic at Impulses, the designer area.

The latest trends on the Chinese fashion market were presented in all segments.

CHIC Core Topic

Fashion for Future - sustainability as a guide for the fashion industry

The "Sustainable Development Zone" at CHIC presented the sustainable production approaches of fashion manufacturers, selected by the China National Garment Association, the Social Responsibility Office of the China Textile Industry Federation and Womenswear Daily.

The exhibitions "Fashion for Future CHIC" and "WWD Salon" showed the use of environmentally friendly biodegradable fibers, dyeing methods with natural products, reduction of water consumption by 50% through laser methods, implanted chips for tracing the product origin and much more. The sustainability seminars at the fair were fully booked.

"Reshaping the future of the industry: trends and prospects for sustainable fashion" was the keynote speech given by Ms. Yan Yan, Director of the Social Responsibility Office at the gala of the first evening of the fair, hosted by Sateri, the world's largest supplier of sustainable viscose fibers.

"Sustainability" as a guide for the Chinese fashion industry will also remain a core topic at CHIC in March.

CHIC WWD Fashion for future © 2020 CHIC
CHIC WWD Fashion for future © 2020 CHIC

CHIC APP: Upgrade and New Features

Live broadcasts, event bookings, trade fair documents, electronic journals, trade fair services, match making

The CHIC APP has again proven to be an indispensable multifunctional tool, the function of which is continuously being developed. Visitors registered themselves, seminars were booked, trade fair documents were made available for exhibitors and visitors, services such as catering or logistics services could be ordered. The Electronic Journal reports on trade fair and market trends. The CHIC online mini-program makes it possible to take part in the trade fair live. More than 30 match-making meetings were organized and successfully carried out in this way. The upgrades and new features of the CHIC APP seamlessly link

offline and online, thus also enabling digital participation in the trade fair without any distance.

Kidswear © 2020 CHIC
Kidswear © 2020 CHIC

CHIC Matching

With the expansion of the functions of the CHIC app, numerous companies were successfully networked with new customers at the fair, and more than 30 match-making meetings took place in the separate meeting area at the fair.

The exhibitors met customers from all trading channels from multibrand shops, boutiques, e-commerce platforms, department stores: Kappa, FolliFollie, Lily, My Style, Wanda Plaza, Wangfujing Department Stores, LiQun Shopping Center, JD.com, amazon, TMall, you.163.com, xiaomi.com, etc. Numerous business deals were made. The need for personal exchange was great, and the participants were enthusiastic about the innovative offer at the fair.

CHIC: New Schedule

CHIC September 2020 was again held in parallel to Intertextile Shanghai, Yarn Expo and PH Value.

The CHIC spring event in March is again planned with international participation.

The autumn event of CHIC Shanghai will take place from August 17th to 19th, 2021, CHIC Shenzhen from November 3rd to 5th, 2021.

Next dates:

CHIC Shanghai, March 10-12, 2021

CHIC Shanghai, August 17-19, 2021

CHIC Shenzhen, November 3-5, 2021

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