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Huntsman secures bluesign® APPROVED status for IROGRAN® TPU products

Global chemical company Huntsman has secured bluesign® approval for ten of its IROGRAN® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products, which are used extensively across the textile and apparel industry. The materials in question are part of Huntsman’s IROGRAN® film and sheet portfolio, and can be used to enhance the production, performance, and comfort of stitchless, seamless garments including underwear, sportswear, and outdoor and waterproof clothing.
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© 2024 Huntsman

Ten products confirmed to meet strict eco and toxicological criteria

Recognized worldwide, bluesign® is a leading sustainability solutions provider that ensures that sound environmental practices and products are used at each step of the textile value chain. Chemical products and textile materials carrying the bluesign® APPROVED label are confirmed to meet the strict ecological and toxicological requirements set out in the bluesign® CRITERIA. For textile and apparel manufacturers, this third-party endorsement can significantly reduce the amount of time and money they need to spend on researching products and testing samples to confirm their environmental credentials.

The bluesign® APPROVED IROGRAN® products have been designed to help textile and apparel manufacturers to create stitchless and waterproof garments that are practical and comfortable, yet also stylish. IROGRAN® TPUs developed for barrier and adhesive film applications combine abrasion and friction resistance with elasticity and a soft touch. They also offer strength and temperature flexibility – for a seamless finish that can deliver high performance.

Approved products include:

IROGRAN® PS443-204

IROGRAN® PS455-218

IROGRAN® PS370-206

IROGRAN® A 95 P 5044 H UV

IROGRAN® CA116-206

IROGRAN® PS455-203

IROGRAN® A 80 P 5039

IROGRAN® CA117-200

IROGRAN® A 92 E 4860

IROGRAN® PS456-206.

Dr. Anja Weismann, Global Materials & Industry Sustainability Senior Lead Global Platform Elastomers at Huntsman Polyurethanes, said: “bluesign® is a hallmark of quality that is actively changing the impact that textiles have on the planet, for good. Wherever you go in the world, bluesign® is recognized as a stamp of trust and transparency. We are delighted our polyurethanes business has qualified so many products - building on our existing status as a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER. At Huntsman we have long recognized the need for responsible and sustainable manufacturing across all markets in which we operate. Our work with bluesign® reinforces that commitment and underlines our efforts to manufacture polyurethane and TPU products with the lowest possible impact on people and the planet.”

Michael Sabo, Head of Chemical Services at bluesign® said: “As one of the most respected sustainability solutions providers that chemical companies, brands, and their supply chain partners can work with globally, bluesign® conducts strict on-site assessments of chemical manufacturers – examining the effectiveness of their product stewardship systems and conducting a rigorous assessment of their chemical products to ensure they are non-hazardous and produced sustainably. Huntsman is a trusted bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER – with an excellent track record, and we are delighted to certify its IROGRAN® TPU products.”

Huntsman is now continuing its bluesign® journey and is working to qualify other systems for textile and apparel applications.

Huntsman Polyurethanes became an approved bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER in 2022 following rigorous checks of its facilities and production processes. Achieving bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER status means a company uses resources responsibly, is continuously committed to improving environmental performance, and operates with the highest level of safety for both people and the environment. To achieve bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER status, the Huntsman Polyurethanes team had to undergo a series of extensive audits to prove that product stewardship is at the core of its business practices and that processes are in place to help ensure product safety measures are followed.

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