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Itema showcases the Itematech weaving solutions at Techtextil 2024

Itema, leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions, including weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, exhibits the most complete product portfolio to weave technical fabrics at Techtextil Frankfurt (Hall 12 – Booth D24) from April, 23rd to April, 26th .

Recognizing the specificity of the technical textile industry, Itematech was established in 2019 with the aim to provide a comprehensive range of weaving solutions tailored to manage this complex fabrics in an easy yet efficient way. Today, Itematech stands as the optimal choice for weavers seeking for a unique partner able to offering the most diverse weaving machine portfolio available on the market for producing technical fabrics, including single positive rapier, negative and positive rapier, airjet and projectile weaving machines.

At Techtextil 2024 the Itematech representatives will introduce to visitors the whole Itematech weaving range and the latest advancements to weave technical fabrics, in details:

• UniRap: The Itematech Single Positive Rapier Weaving Machine

The absence of the weft exchange, thanks to the positive single rapier weft transfer, enables the Itematech UniRap to weave the widest range of high tenacity yarns, from carbon tape and fibers, to fiberglass, aramid fibers, steel and lead-coated yarns, and many others. Designed as an open platform, the Itematech UniRap comes to the market in a double version specifically developed for technical textiles weaving: the UniRap | P Weft Insertion System enables the effective insertion of carbon tapes and tape shaped yarns with no torsion up to 30mm, while the UniRap | G Weft Insertion System is ideal to weave the widest range of technical yarns. What makes the two versions even more interesting is the possibility to switch the two weft transfers easily and quickly, thus providing weavers with two weft insertion technologies in one.

UniRap  © 2024 Itema
UniRap © 2024 Itema

• Hercules: The Itematech Negative and Positive Rapier Weaving Machine

The Hercules reinforced machine structure coupled with its textile flexibility offers weavers the ideal weaving technology to produce the most demanding technical textiles, from extremely high density to finest fabrics. One of a kind on the market, Hercules provides unbeatable textile flexibility thanks to its unique weft transfer system that enables the valuable possibility to switch easily and quickly from positive to negative rapiers, thus leading to superior textile efficiency when handling the widest range of weft yarns counts, from 20 up to 48,000 dtex, in single or multiple weft insertions configurations. Hercules is available in weaving width up to 6200mm and features a modular structure, customizable according to weavers’ textiles needs. In fact, the basic machine structure is reinforced and can be equipped with different devices capable to reach a beating force up to 5.5 tons (depending on the reed width). Hercules textile range includes but is not limited to agrotextiles, medium and heavy coating fabrics, medium and heavy conveyor belts, medium and heavy filter fabrics, fiberglass, geotextile, heavy canvas, geogrid, plain carpet.

Hercules © 2024 Itema
Hercules © 2024 Itema

• P7300HP V8: The Itematech Projectile Weaving Machine

Technical fabrics are the specialty of the legendary P7300HP due to its reliable and versatile weft insertion system, based on the single insertion driven by the projectile which catches the weft and carries it directly with no exchanges, providing unmatched efficiency. The P7300HP continues to represent an unbeaten and unbeatable benchmark for those looking to weave the very widest fabrics (over 6 meters) and high-specialty materials, such as agrotextile, geotextile and primary carpet backing fabrics.

P7300HP  © 2024 Itema
P7300HP © 2024 Itema

• R9500EVO: The Itematech Rapier Weaving Machine

The Itema R9500EVO is the latest version of the Itema best-seller R9500. The continuous roll-out of customized special versions tailored for technical applications, including coating, para-aramid, fiberglass, bolting cloth, fabrics for automotive, light filter fabrics, among others, as well as dedicated devices for each application make the R9500EVO the perfect machine for the manufacturing of the full range of technical textiles, including the ones with the finest monofilament yarns, multifilament yarns with high tenacity, and multiple pick insertion fabrics.

R9500EVO © 2024 Itema
R9500EVO © 2024 Itema

R9500EVO is equippable with the Itema iSAVER®tech. The Itema breakthrough device eliminates the waste selvedge on the fabric's left-hand side, thus significantly reducing the wastage of raw materials and resources leading to cost reduction and contributing to sustainable weaving. iSAVER®tech is available to weave a wide range of technical yarns and it is even retrofittable as upgrade kit on all R9500 series machine models.

iSaver © 2024 Itema
iSaver © 2024 Itema

• A9500EVO: the Itematech Airjet Weaving Machine

When it comes to weaving very high-density fabrics, the airjet A9500EVO is customizable with dedicated devices to ensure excellent results while answering to the most demanding weaving needs. In particular, the Itema Airjet A9500 iLENO for Seconday Carpet Backing has recently been launched on the market and rapidly gained popularity among technical weavers. This special airjet machine, indeed, has been designed by Itema to successfully and effectively weaving Secondary Carpet Backing fabrics with the goal to maximize weavers productivity and return on investment.

Techtextil 2024 represents an unmissable opportunity to discover all the Itematech weaving solutions and to discuss with the experts any weaving need. Visit Itema in Hall 12 – Booth D24.

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