Public procurement of database development

GOTS is preparing a new database which will include traceability at product level. We have initiated a public procurement, addressing vendors of configurable supply chain solutions and software development companies alike. The procurement follows a formal, two-staged process.

Stage 1: Candidates’ procedure

Selection of up to five suitable candidates which will be invited to submit their tenders. In the selection process GOTS will apply objective, non-discriminating criteria, which are part of the published procurement documents.

Stage 2: Tenderers’ procedure

Companies selected as bidders/tenderers will receive the database specification document and may then submit an initial tender. All tenders will be evaluated according to objective criteria. Bidders with promising tenders will be invited for a presentation of their solution and negotiation talks. After the presentation and possible negotiation they may submit their final tenders or confirm their initial tender. This stage ends with a contract of works awarded to the bidder with the most economical tender.

Companies interested in participating in the competition are referred to the eProcurement platform holding the documents.

Application deadline is 6 August 2021.

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