Teijin signs UNGC statement from business leaders for new international cooperation

Teijin Limited announced today that the company’s president and CEO, Jun Suzuki, signed the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)’s Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation on September 21.

The statement is  aimed  at  steering  the  world  onto a  more  equitable,  inclusive  and sustainable   path   by   calling   on   business   leaders   across borders,   sectors   and generations  to  adapt  to  changing circumstances  responsibly.  Teijin  believes  that  the purpose  of  the statement  closely  matches  the  company’s  philosophy  and  future direction,  including  commitments  to  society  and  calls  on  governments  to  renew  their global cooperation.

The  year  2020 marks  the  75th  anniversary  of the  United  Nations and the 20th anniversary of the UNGC, which Teijin has participated in since 2011. The UNGC’s ten principles are incorporated in Teijin’s Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy, which are collectively designed to ensure Teijin’s socially responsible management as a global company. Also,Teijin aims to become a company that supports the society of the future and  working  towards  the  realization of a  sustainable  society by  delivering solutions  in the  three  fields  of environmental value ,safety,  security  and  disaster  mitigation,  and demographic change and increased health consciousness.

Going forward, Teijin will continue to focus on people, deliver innovative solutions that enhance  quality  of  life,  while  minimize  any  negative  impact  of its  activities  on  the environment and society, ultimately to realize a more sustainable world.

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