Big Chinese order for SUESSEN

EliTe®Compact Spinning System (c) 2015 SUESSEN
San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. from China places an order for 170,000 EliTe®Compact Spindles with the acknowledged leader in compact ring spinning technology SUESSEN from Germany. The project is supposed to go into full production still in 2015. Both companies started already the work with full power in order to achieve this goal.
The SUESSEN EliTe®Compact Spinning System has been sold for over 8,000,000 ring spindles and established itself as the most versatile compact ring spinning system. Existing ring spinning machines of various manufacturers can be upgraded to compact spinning, using SUESSEN EliTe®CompactSet.

Mr. Jianmin Xu, the General Manager of San Yang Textile Co., Ltd., stated:“High quality production begins with the selection of the finest raw materials and the state-of-the-art production facilities with the latest technologies. To cope with our market expansion and rapidly increasing demand for our products, we have already invested more than 1 Billion RMB in new machinery installations and raw material procurement in the past fiscal year, and we have a projected investment of a further 2 Billion RMB in the next few years. Part of this investment program is also the conversion of our existing ring spinning machines into Compact Spinning. Here we investigated over several months various technologies from various suppliers in our own premises. We came to the conclusion that SUESSEN offers the best technology with the maximum benefit for us. We decided to join hands with SUESSEN and offer the best possible quality to our customers.”

Pic: Mr. Jianmin Xu, General Manager of San Yang Textile Co., Ltd., China

San Yang Textile Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock cotton spinning and weaving company established in 2003. At present San Yang has 500,000 ring spindles installed and 340 sets of Air-Jet looms as main production capacity. The annual output of is 30,000 tons of cotton greige yarns and 40 million meters of cotton woven greige fabrics.

Over the past years, San Yang Textile has successfully built a strong reputation with its commitment to quality and services and has made a profound statement by receiving the China Top Brand for 2006-07 award from the Chinese Government.

The company is also listed in the “China Cotton Textile Industry Most Competitive Top 20 Enterprises” for four continuous years since 2008. Further, in 2011, San Yang greige cotton yarn and cloth won the honorary title „The Influential Cotton Textile Industry Brand of China“.

Mr. Roland Eberhardt, Managing Director from SUESSEN, stated: “We are very proud to cooperate with San Yang Textile Co., one of the foremost and influential market players in the textile industry in China and in the world.Two famous brands and leaders in their respective field will strive forward to produce first class products with benefits for the yarn processing industry. It is always the focus of SUESSEN to not only be the leader in Innovation and Technology in the field of spinning, but also to join hands with first class enterprises worldwide. One of these is definitely San Yang Textile Co.” 

Pic: Mr. Roland Eberhardt, Managing Director Spindelfabrik Suessen GmbH, Germany

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