Lectra strengthens its relationship with Microsoft

Lectra, worldwide leader of Industry 4.0 in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets, expands its commercial and technological relationship with Microsoft.

A second Lectra solution for the fashion industry now forms part of this collaboration

“Along with Kubix Link, which we introduced in 2020, Fashion On Demand by Lectra is now part of our collaboration with Microsoft, marking an expanded relationship between our two companies,” says Maximilien Abadie, Chief Strategy Officer at Lectra.

Fashion On Demand by Lectra combines a high-performance single ply fabric cutter with a smart digital cutting software hosted on Microsoft Azure. Designed as a turnkey solution for fashion companies, Fashion On Demand by Lectra automates the on-demand production of garments, from receipt of order to cutting. This gives brands and manufacturers complete control of all the steps in their on-demand process, whether they are producing small series or customized items.

This groundbreaking offer also helps them respond to the challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that fashion industry players must now face. Consumer concerns for environmental, social and economic issues now have a direct impact on their purchasing behavior. These challenges impact both the textile sector and local governments. The introduction of an anti-waste law in France on January 1, 2022, is a prime example of this.

With Fashion On Demand by Lectra, brands and manufacturers now have the choice. They can produce single and/or personalized orders, and are therefore able to market the right quantity of products so they actually sell, as they meet customers' needs and requirements. They can also adopt a more agile production process to manufacture products in small quantities, increasing their profitability. In this way, they manufacture just the right number of products and minimize unsold items without affecting sales.

This flexibility allows fashion companies to adapt their offer in real time, without compromising on productivity, fabric consumption – which can account for up to 60% of the production costs of a garment – or agility.

“Through this collaboration with Microsoft, Lectra drives technological innovation, accelerating the digital transformation of fashion brands and manufacturers,” explains Gilles d'Aramon, General Manager Global Partner Solutions at Microsoft France.

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