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Cotton: Review of the world situation

The June 2019 review contains four articles that address a wide array of topics, including Gender Equity, China`s Vision and Garment Weight

Gender Equality:

Authored by Dr. Amal Saber Owis, former Director of Egypt’s Cotton Research Institute, this article makes the case that women’s economic empowerment is a prerequisite for sustainable development and poverty alleviation, and that gender-specific perspectives must be integrated at the design stage of agricultural policy and programming.

Changes in Garment Weight:

Cotton Incorporated’s Senior Economist Jon Devine presents a wealth of data showing that one of the lesser-understood shocks the cotton industry has faced in recent years is the decrease in average garment weight. It has been a challenge for consumption growth in the past, although recent market stabilisation and gentle increases in average weight may be positive signs for cotton demand in the future.

China’s Belt & Road Initiative:

ICAC Director of Trade Analysis Andrei Guitchounts provides an overview of China’s 2013 economic program, the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). The ambitious plan would have a major impact on trade flows and could go a long way toward improving infrastructure and logistics in the countries where it is implemented.

Trade Tensions and Rising Stocks:

The cotton market faces continued uncertainty due to the escalating US-China trade war, with prices under additional pressure due to a projected increase in global stocks. Prices have suffered from the escalating tariffs, dropping to a season-low of 76 cents per pound on May 14th.

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