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Functional material solutions for the car interior

Covestro has continued to develop its range of innovative materials and products to support the transition of automotive interiors into the future. © Covestro
Megatrends such as autonomous driving, electrification and personalization mean that in the future, car interiors will no longer be the same as they have been for a long time. Groundbreaking technologies will find their way in there, but so will entirely new design solutions. As a leading plastics supplier and long-standing partner to the automotive industry, Covestro has continued to develop its range of innovative materials and products to support the transition of automotive interiors into the future.
  • Breakthrough technologies
  • Much design freedom
  • Intelligent surfaces

Covestro is presenting the advanced solutions for automotive interiors unveiled at the K 2022 plastics trade show to the advanced solutions for automotive interiors now at this year's Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, November 8-10, 2022. At booth 3312 in Hall 3, the company will showcase a range of smart and sustainable material solutions that keep pace with the latest trends in automotive interior design.

Shaping the driving experience with new technologies

Makrolon® Ai polycarbonate offers a special edge-lit composite color that can range from transparent to translucent, providing various options for ambient and dynamic automotive interior lighting. The combination of this material with the lightweight composite Maezio®, which offers tremendous design freedom and is made partly from post-industrial recycled materials, allows occupants to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Functional integration through back-injection of polycarbonate

Covestro has developed the first material that is shrinkage-free and highly dimensionally stable, transparent and heat-resistant: Makroblend® OM 845G, a polycarbonate blend with 20 percent glass fibers. This material can be back-injected and back-lit to create textured and 3D shapes.

Soft-touch coatings create surprising textures

Covestro offers a versatile range of hard to flexible aqueous 2-component (2K) polyurethane dispersions that allow a high degree of design freedom (from soft to hard). By combining this 2K polyurethane technology with edge-lit and high-tech Makrolon® Ai materials, it is possible to create a wide range of innovative textures.

Innovative coatings and adhesives for instrument panels and door trims

Together with designer Miika Heikkinen, Covestro's Coatings & Adhesives and Engineering Plastics segments have developed a door panel concept with new material solutions. The prototype contains a waterborne coating with innovative INSQIN® technology in combination with an adhesive based on a Dispercoll® U dispersion – two waterborne polyurethane (PU) solutions with low levels of volatile organic components (VOCs). Specially developed to provide cost-effective and sustainable applications for future automotive interior requirements, they provide translucent appearance, coating adhesion and deep color effects in door panels. As a vegan solution, the lower CO2 emissions and reduced energy consumption of INSQIN® can reduce the overall CO2 footprint of plastics by up to 45 percent while providing virtually odor-free indoor air quality. The carbon footprint can be further improved by using an Impranil® CQ DLU PU dispersion, which consists of approximately 35 percent renewable carbon by weight. In addition, the application also includes a partially biobased water-based soft-touch coating with up to 33 percent renewable carbon in the final formulation.

Lighting and heating integrated into the sunroof

Panoramic sunroofs and moonroofs are very popular in modern vehicles. Covestro, in collaboration with Loomia, has developed a roll-up sunroof shade concept that combines the sun-reflecting properties of Platilon® TPU film during daylight hours with integrated fabric circuits for lighting and heating at night and in cold weather. To help passengers get the most out of the interior, we bonded the textile surface and electronics layer using our thin and flexible Platilon® polyurethane film. It is tough enough to withstand repeated rolling without compromising performance.

Makrolon® and Makrofol® films for smart surfaces

Covestro and TactoTek® have teamed up again to showcase the endless, more sustainable design possibilities of IMSE® technology: Together, they developed demonstrators that showcase functional electronics while integrating control surfaces, computers and displays. The final design consists of a Raspberry Pi computer, an OLED display, all necessary circuitry and electronic components, and inks for coloring and decorating – all embedded in a Makrolon® resin between two layers of Makrofol® film. With this, we are showcasing powerful new material solutions for consumer electronics with a mono-material design where the plastic can be recovered at will and converted into new raw materials.

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