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Frunk made of Ultra-Silent: greater driving range for electric cars

With demand for electric cars growing sharply, the need for lightweight components that enable a greater driving range for this category of vehicles is rising as well. Autoneum now offers a front trunk made of Ultra-Silent – the lightweight, noise-reducing and sustainable technology bestseller for underbodies – particularly developed for electric vehicles.

Acceptance, demand and sales of electric vehicles depend in large part on their driving range. The lighter e-models and their individual components are, the greater their range. With its innovative frunk for electric vehicles, Autoneum now offers the optimal solution for more storage space and longer driving pleasure. The multifunctional frunk – short for front trunk – out of Ultra-Silent is particularly light thanks to its textile fibers and replaces the heavier plastic solutions consisting of several individual components that are common in electric vehicles today. With Autoneum’s lightweight frunk, electric cars save on average three kilograms in weight, which results in lower electric energy consumption and higher driving range.

At the same time, the Ultra-Silent-based frunk also improves vehicle acoustics. Contrary to popular belief, noise-reducing components are essential for electric models, too. Because there is no engine noise, external and internal sound sources such as the e-motor and compressors as well as tire noise are more audible.

Thanks to their sound-absorbing textile material composition, the Ultra-Silent components reduce annoying noises at the source. Additionally, synergies with other acoustic components have a positive impact on the vehicle’s overall acoustic comfort. The frunk made of Ultra-Silent is highly sustainable as well: It is made entirely of PET and contains up to 70% of recycled material.

Frunk Ultra-Silent (c) 2020 AUTONEUM
Frunk Ultra-Silent (c) 2020 AUTONEUM

Autoneum’s lightweight innovation is already in pre-development for a model of a new electric vehicle manufacturer and available in Europe, North America and China.

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