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The highlights from Groz-Beckert at ITMA in Milan

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On June 8, 2023, the leading international trade fair for textile machinery "ITMA" started in Milan, Italy. It tookplace at the Fiera Milano Rho and runs until June 14, 2023. Groz-Beckert presented the innovations of its six product areas – Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting, Carding and Sewing.


The Knitting product area showed the novelties of its four product groups Circular Knitting, Flat Knitting, Legwear and Warp Knitting. The Circular Knitting product group has presented two new knitting systems and a new compound needle, developed together with cooperation partners, as well as optimized precision needles, system parts and cylinders.

One of the new knitting systems is the innovative LCmax™ circular knitting machine needle in combination with the newly developed sinker SNK-SF. The LCmax™ features a completely new, wave-shaped shank geometry. The use of the needle reduces energy costs in the knitting process through minimal power consumption and reduced machine temperatures. Compared to a standard needle, up to 20 % of energy consumption can be saved by using the LCmax™. But already the production of the needle is characterized by a reduced CO2 footprint. At the same time, the LCmax™ enables utilization of the maximum machine speed and easy handling.

WarpMasterPlus © 2023 Groz-Beckert
WarpMasterPlus © 2023 Groz-Beckert

The new SNK-SF sinker also features significantly higher wear resistance. It also enables smoother running of the circular knitting machine and improved loop structure.

Together with the innovative sinker SNK DUO-OL, the new SAN™ DUO forms the second new knitting system from Groz-Beckert. Both the SANTM DUO and the SAN™ DUO feature a particularly low shank with predetermined breaking groove. The low shank minimizes soiling in the knitting process with highly abrasive yarns. The predetermined breaking groove in turn enables controlled needle breakage in the event of wear at the desired point. This reduces errors in the knitting process as well as downtimes.

Another innovation is a new compound needle from Groz-Beckert for circular knitting machines. With this needle variant, the closer is guided safely and precisely in the groove in the needle shank. At the same time, however, the base of the needle shank is worked in a closed manner, ensuring maximum stability. The compound needle reliably prevents latching and thus makes a decisive contribution to process reliability. Its use ensures a uniform and speed-independent loop structure, even at maximum speeds.

Under the motto "Innovation through cooperation", live presentations on the innovations of the circular knitting sector were held at the exhibition booth. They highlighted the successful cooperation with development partners.

The Flat Knitting product group put special application needles at the center of its presentation. The SAN™ TT is particularly suitable for multi-thread knitting of narrow loops in the field of technical or medical textiles. The new

SAN FY is designed for processing robust, uneven fancy yarns. The advantages of the SANTM series are an increase in process reliability and a reduction in needle breakage rates, as well as a particularly precise loop pattern.

For applications where energy efficiency is a key issue, Groz-Beckert offers the flat knitting needle Litespeed plus (LS+). It features partial thickness reduction of the needle shank on both sides. This significantly reduces power consumption and thus the CO2 footprint in production.

Particularly durable dur™ needles for the sock and fine hosiery sector with high load limits, as well as the steadily growing portfolio of system parts, was presented by the Legwear product group. In addition, products for application-related use in the production of smooth, plush or patterned plush knits are presented. Thanks to their high resistance, these needles help to reduce knitting process costs.

Its continuously growing portfolio of modules was showcased by the Warp Knitting product group. They enable an individual and varied production spectrum including easy needle handling. The system components have been supplemented by the newly developed guide needle for piezo jacquard machines. The perforating needles are characterized by fast assembly and ensure an optimized appearance of the fabric. The new punching needle was presented with the specially developed "JacquART Visualizer", which visually and interactively simulates the function and movement of the system parts.


The Weaving product area presented two weaving preparation machines at its booth: the KnotMaster knotting machine and the automatic drawing-in machine WarpMasterPlus. On the other hand, the division showed its recently expanded portfolio of technical weaving reeds. The new product makes it possible to supply customers who produce fabrics in the range of high finenesses (both wire and synthetic fabrics). The weaving reeds are used in the production of fabrics used, for example, in technical filtration, membrane technology, solar cells or touch screens.

© 2023 Groz-Beckert
© 2023 Groz-Beckert

Felting (Nonwovens)

The Felting product area presented products for classic needling or hydroentanglement. Likewise, its comprehensive range in the field of application advice. In the field of felting needles, visitors could see two world firsts: a new notch design for felting needles and the Groz-Beckert felting needle module.

The new notch design of the felting needles was specially developed for needling highly abrasive fibers to achieve delayed wear. The notch shape also reduces clogging of the notches, for example when needling bentonite mats.

The new Groz-Beckert felting needle module was developed in cooperation with the Dilo Group for their innovative MicroPunch intensive needling technology. Dilo showed the corresponding machine at its booth. Groz-Beckert felting needles are embedded as a module in a plastic mold. The felting needle modules are characterized by very high deformation resistance and offer new dimensions in needle density. This is made possible by the new intensive needling technology, which was specially developed for light grammages. The assembly and replacement of the modules are also particularly economical.

Groz-Beckert Knitting SAN SF © 2023 Groz-Beckert
Groz-Beckert Knitting SAN SF © 2023 Groz-Beckert

In the field of hydroentanglement, Groz-Beckert showed its HyTecTM P jet strip, which features significantly improved wear resistance and handling properties. The division also presented its extensive range of trials on the staple fiber needling line at the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) in Albstadt, Germany, with a virtual tour.


For the production of tufted floor coverings such as carpets, bath mats or artificial turf, the Tufting product area presented its proven gauge part system at the Groz-Beckert booth. In addition to needle and looper modules, the system also comprises the reed finger module and tufting knives. To ensure the interaction of all components, the highest precision is required in the production of all individual components. The coordinated combination of different materials and the functional interaction ensure a convincing result when using the Groz-Beckert gauge part system.


Various new and further developments were presented in the Carding product area. For those interested in the nonwovens industry, for example, the world's finest interlinked card clothing for reduced crash risk was included. In addition, new SiroLock™ plus types from the Groz-Beckert InLine card clothing series was presented, enabling higher line availability and a more uniform carding result.

For customers in the spinning industry, the division exhibited a new maintenance-free reel clothing with increased service life and lower maintenance costs. In addition, further developed fixed flats and revolving tops were presented. The revolving tops have been adapted to the processing of fine yarns, while the fixed flats have been provided with a new, resistant aluminum profile.

The comprehensive range of services offered by the Carding division was also presented. All facets, from sales and service to application advice, were clearly demonstrated in a video.


The Sewing product area focused on presenting its special application needles SAN(TM). The sewing machine needles of the SAN(TM) series have been specially developed for demanding sewing operations. The SAN 5.2(TM), for example, is particularly suitable for sewing technical textiles such as airbags thanks to its increased stability and secure loop pick-up. The SAN 6(TM) offers high process reliability when processing woven fabrics such as denim.

Both the SAN(TM) 5.2 and the SAN(TM) 6 are equipped with a GEBEDURTM coating. This protects the needles from wear and damage, especially in the point area. The slim yet dimensionally stable SAN(TM) 10 is used for sewing fine knitted and woven fabrics. The even slimmer SAN(TM) 10 XS is perfect for extremely fine materials or materials that require critical sewing.

The Sewing product area also presented its patented INH (Ideal Needle Handling) quality management system at the trade show. INH enables easy handling of sewing machine needles in sewing shops, as well as seamless and digital documentation of all needle changes and breakages. The quality management system includes various work tools such as the needle dispensing trolley, the needle return box, and two software components developed by Groz-Beckert: the "INH@site" app and the "INH@office" administration program.

Technology and Development Center (TEZ)

The Technology and Development Center (TEZ) presented itself at ITMA with a virtual 360-degree tour. Visitors could discover not only the premises but also the extensive range of services. In addition to competent expert advice and the joint development of solutions for specific textile problems, the TEZ also offers its customers the joint development of new, innovative products, technologies and business models. In addition, training courses and seminars from the Groz-Beckert Academy are offered at the TEZ.


Numerous products, services and the latest innovations from Groz-Beckert focus on reducing the company's carbon footprint. That Groz-Beckert's commitment also goes beyond this was shown by the sustainability theme corner. Here, examples from the company were presented to show which measures have already been implemented and what role the topic plays in everyday life.

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