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Lower Energy Costs for BCF Yarn Production

RoTac3 the rotating tangle unit from Oerlikon Neumag
RoTac3 the rotating tangle unit from Oerlikon Neumag, global market and technology leader for turnkey plants for the production of BCF carpet yarn, is a highlight on booth A105 in hall 4 at ITMA 2015. Its successful launch is a further signal that energy saving and yarn quality are playing a growing role in the production of BCF carpet yarn.

50 per cent less compressed air consumption

For RoTac3 makes high energy savings possible thanks to its innovative technology. In comparison to conventional tangle units, the RoTac3 technology forms the tangle knots with a pulsating instead of a continuous air current. This means that compressed air is only consumed if a tangle knot is to be formed. This is achieved with a special tangle nozzle that rotates with the yarn. Several holes are incorporated around the nozzle cover, according to the number of desired knots and the distance between them. If a hole is now positioned over the compressed air opening, an air blast is released and tangles the yarn.

Therefore tangle knots can not only be produced at defined distances and strengths. The discontinuous compressed air impulse also considerably reduces the required volume flow and compressed air consumption – by up to 50 per cent compared to conventional tangle units, depending on the yarn type. Since energy consumption is reduced as a result, RoTac3 bears the e-save label from Oerlikon Manmade Fibers for particularly energy efficient, environmentally friendly technologies.

Customers confirm improved processing quality

Given increasing process speeds and air pressures to enhance productivity in BCF production, this energy saving is a major advantage, but not the only one. The RoTac technology also eliminates tangle dropouts, which can occur repeatedly at a high process speed with conventional tangling. Last but not least, it ensures very gentle yarn guiding and reduced yarn tension as well as better process stability. This particularly supports future trends such as fine titer and sophisticated polymers.

“Many of our customers also confirm that the yarn quality for the downstream processes has improved and the corresponding process steps have been made easier“, says Martin Rademacher. At ITMA 2015, the company is thus expecting further encouragement for the successful product, which is available as a component with the three-end BCF plant S+ or can be retrofitted.

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