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Durst Group expands Alpha Series into a versatile and sustainable multi-function printing system

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Durst Group, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, is expanding its Durst Alpha Series digital textile presses into a versatile and sustainable multi-function printing system with an additional range of applications.

"We started out developing the Durst Alpha Series as a multi-pass digital printing system for industrial textile production," said Stefan Kappaun, Segment Manager Textile Printing & EVP Inks and Fluids, Durst Group. "With the continuous development of our pigment ink system, we have now opened up new and further application possibilities while automating the printing process into an economical and sustainable one-step process. By integrating the Durst Alpha Series into our own end-to-end Durst Software & Solutions architecture, we are opening up new business areas and market opportunities for our customers beyond pure textile printing."

The background to this is the transformation in digital textile printing, where small- and medium-volume presses have previously been used to complement traditional processes in production. The emancipation from a pure contract printing unit to a central element of new, digital business models, goes hand in hand with the integration of printing systems into e-commerce and web-to-print solutions to offer automated ordering and production processes online for end customers.

In addition to complete digitization, Durst Alpha printing systems with their pigment ink technology now offer an extended range of applications, enabling cost-efficient and sustainable printing of fashion and home textiles as well as, for example, industrial wallpaper printing and many other creative products.

Automation is the key for print service providers to produce economically from batch size one. In addition, Durst Alpha digital printing systems serve the increased demand for ecological products by reducing energy and water consumption by at least 50% and material waste by up to 80% compared to traditional production processes.

At the first in-house event in a planned series of events, Durst Group used customer examples to present the use of Durst Alpha printing systems in these new business areas. It offered hands-on workshops on material composition, pre-and post-treatment processes and color consistency to achieve the best print quality on the different materials and various applications.

With the Durst Alpha Series, Durst Group offers industrial production machines, reactive and pigment ink systems, material expertise as well as software for e-commerce and workflow from a single source, not only to serve textile experts but also to enable "textile newcomers" and print service providers with the desire to expand their product portfolio to enter this growing market efficiently.

More information on the Durst Alpha Series and the in-house event can be found at the following email address:

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