The atmosphere washing revolution hits Denim PV

Jeanologia transforms the denim sector with ATMOS, the eco-efficient process alternative to traditional stone washing. With G2 technology and the innovative INDRA system it is possible to eliminate the use of water and pumice stone in aging jeans, ensuring their quality, authenticity, and adaptability to industry trends.

Jeanologia is showcasing in Milan the potential of its sustainableprocess for finishing and aging denim garments

Jeanologia makes its presence felt at the Denim PV Milan edition on June 5 to 6 in the heart of Italian fashion. At this landmark event, the Spanish company, a global leader in sustainable textile technology, will present its groundbreaking atmospheric washing process ATMOS, promising to revolutionize the denim industry by offering an eco-efficient alternative to traditional stone washing. The unveiling of ATMOS in Milan holds particular significance amidst the resurgence of Italian denim, with the country's textile industry redefining its standards towards sustainability and luxury.

(c) 2024 Jeanologia
(c) 2024 Jeanologia

The ATMOS process, fueled by the innovative INDRA system and G2 technology, marks a true breakthrough in denim garment finishing by leveraging only atmospheric elements, dispensing with water and pumice stone. This pioneering technical approach not only ensures a drastic reduction in the consumption of natural resources, with up to 96% less water usage, but also eliminates the use of abrasive materials associated with negative environmental impacts, ensuring the quality and durability of garments.

Traditional stone washing entails significant water consumption during the washing, wearing, rinsing, and cleaning stages, using between 80 and 100 liters of water per 200 kg of garments and requiring additional detergents and chemicals to remove pumice stone residues. In contrast, Jeanologia has successfully reduce water usage to only 1 liter per garment, by leveraging a combination of the ATMOS process and other proprietary technologies, including, eFlow technologies, which utilizes nanobubbles to apply performance chemicals and the revolutionary H2 Zero a water recuperation system, guarantee a perfect close loop. This approach not only eliminates the need for extensive rinsing and chemical use but also reduces resource consumption and facilitates wastewater management, thereby promoting a cleaner and more efficient water treatment cycle.

These attributes enable to garner a high rating on the EIM assessment scale. Jeanologia's environmental impact measurement software in textile garment production, widely adopted by leading brands and retailers worldwide. Denim garments aged through G2 Ozone & INDRA attain 'green EIM score', ensuring compliance with global sustainability standards throughout the production chain, classifying processes based on water, energy, chemicals consumption, and worker health.

(c) 2024 Jeanologia
(c) 2024 Jeanologia

Jeanologia is set to present the 'Atmos Vintage' collection at Denim PV, featuring a 'stone wash' inspired looks created using the ATMOS process. This capsule collection is designed to inspire all European brands and garment manufacturers with its cutting-edge approach. By showcasing it in Milan, Jeanologia seeks to engage the Italian market in responsible textile production, significantly reducing water usage and eliminating the need for stones and chemicals, all while preserving the authenticity and beauty of the garments.

Propelling Italy into a new era of sustainable luxury denim

The Italian textile industry, renowned globally for its quality and design, has undergone significant transformation in recent years, especially in the denim sector, which has evolved into a benchmark for the luxury market. Italian factories have adapted their processes to meet the demand for high-end denim products, incorporating new designs and applications of these fabrics not only in garments, but also in footwear, and accessories.

Mindful of this evolution, Jeanologia has bolstered its presence in Italy, forging close collaborations with the country's leading fashion brands. The company has emerged as a key ally in implementing technologies that enhance the quality of the final product and production efficiency, while markedly reducing the environmental impact of textile processes.

(c) 2024 Jeanologia
(c) 2024 Jeanologia

"Italy has always been a beacon in fashion and sustainability, and its denim industry has repositioned itself in recent years towards the luxury market," notes Stefano Tessarolo, Jeanologia’s Sales Manager in Italy. "ATMOS not only aligns with this new positioning but also propels Italy towards a new era of sustainable and responsible denim fashion."

Committed to leading the charge towards more sustainable practices in the fashion industry, Jeanologia views ATMOS as a tangible manifestation of this commitment. Through Denim PV Milan as a platform, the Spanish company seeks to inspire other entities in the industry to embrace eco-efficient technologies and collaborate towards building a more sustainable future for fashion.

With a current capacity to process up to 50 million jeans, Jeanologia anticipates an exponential uptake of this technological process in the coming years, catalyzing a fundamental shift towards responsible fashion.

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