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Autefa Solutions at CINTE/ Techtextil China

AUTEFA Solutions Thermobonding Oven (c) 2014 AUTEFA Solutions
Autefa Solutions Nonwovens Technology delivers turn-key lines as well as individual machines for nonwovens manufacturing. The product range includes fiber preparation machines, nonwovens cards as well as aerodynamic web forming machines (Airlay), crosslappers and for mechanical bonding needle looms.
The field of nonwovens technology was expanded by the newly founded company Autefa Solutions Switzerland. Autefa Solutions Switzerland delivers equipment for thermobonding, drying as well as cutting-, winding- and festooning- technology.
During CINTE/ Techtextil China 2014, Autefa Solutions will inform in Hall E 7, booth number A 18 about latest developments for high speed thermobonding ovens for the manufacturing of ADL nonwovens, as well as for drying systems for the Airlaids and Wetlaids industry. The key strengths of the AUTEFA Solutions belt dryers are uniform airflow and the precisely adjustable temperature distribution, the ability to maintain loft or to create high densities. Energy Efficiency is guaranteed by EnRec Technology which offers a 6-level energy saving concept which substantially reduces the energy consumption of new or existing lines. The outstanding payback on the line and the functionality of the EnRec Systems convinced already more than hundred customers all over the world. AUTEFA Solutions is a market leader in China for high speed air through thermobonding lines for hygiene products such as acquisition and distribution layers (ADL).
Automotive applications and the growing needs for air -filters are two of Autefa Solutions focused market activities in China.

The needle loom Stylus is equipped with the innovative Variliptic drive system, which enables high production speeds while also ensuring a gentle needling of the nonwoven fabric. This is particularly important during the first process step, the preceding. The Variliptic drive system optimizes the surface of the nonwoven fabric, protects the fibers and minimizes the needle wear.   The needle loom Stylus has a unique drive concept that simplifies the horizontal movement of the needles. Modular subsystems built around performance, operability, adjustability and high quality have been implemented in the needle loom Stylus.

The needle loom Stylus can be used with all fiber types and is designed to suit the required output and speed by adjusting the number of the drive modules. The dust extraction system is useful when processing recycled and natural fibers, glass and short fibers, and carbon and mineral fibers.
The needle loom Stylus with Variliptic drive vastly expands the possible fields of application. This technology is at its most effective where low weights or higher speeds require it.

For Airlay webs, when processing lightweight nonwovens, by needling of spunbonds and processing fragile fibers or glass or carbon fibers, the strain on the fibers is reduced considerably.

The needles no longer stop the web during the needling process. They accompany the web movement and even help to transport it. This benefit becomes particularly noticeable in the start-up phase, where the web can travel through the needle loom alone without the need for a support web to carry it. Heigher weights and greater compaction no longer derflect the needles. This increases the service life of the needles and virtually eliminates the risk of needle breakage.

Autefa Solutions is part of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation (CHTC). The company headquarters are located in Friedberg, Germany. With Autefa Solutions Wuxi the company owns a production location, where machines for the Chinese market are manufactured. Autefa Solutions Wuxi combines Chinese and European technologies for the application purposes of the local Chinese market. With the Crosslapper UNILINER CL 88 and needle looms type NL, two machines have already been successfully established in the market.

Pic: Autefa Solutions needle loom Stylus
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