Increased dialogue between the automation and textile industries

In December TMAS was invited to a meeting in Västerås by the project Micro Factories and Automation Region in Västerås. The aim of the visit was to start the conversation between the automation and textile industry in Sweden

The day began with a visit to ABB Robotics for an introduction of ABB’s operations and the development of robots and collaborative robots, ie robots that work together with humans. Interesting discussions on how robots could be used in the textile industry to a greater extent followed.

© 2022 TMAS
© 2022 TMAS

The meeting went on through conversations between the automation and textile industry in the format of a studio recording. Erik Valvring from Science Park Borås and Catarina Berglund from Automation Region hosted the event. Jonas Larsson, from the School of Textiles in Borås, moderated the panel discussion, which offered many interesting opinions and ideas for how the textile industry can be automated.

The pandemic has accelerated the demand for local and flexible production to create a sustainable and competitive textile production in Sweden. TMAS concludes that automation and digitization will be the enabler of that!

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