Technological symposium for Italian textile machinery in Egypt

UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) organizes, in collaboration with ACIMIT, the Association of Italian textile machinery manufacturers, and Italian Trade Agency, a symposium on Italian textile technologies in Cairo, Egypt, on next 25 and 26 September. The initiative is part of a broader UNIDO project to support the local cotton textile industry for the purchase of sustainable and innovative technologies. The seminar dedicated to Italian textile technologies, according to UNIDO, is a fundamental part of the dialogue between local industry and Italian technology excellence.

The technological seminar "Innovation in the textile sector: latest trends and perspectives for Egypt", in which Italian manufacturers present their up-to-date technologies, includes b2b meetings with local operators and some visits to local textile companies. As many as 16 Italian companies will participate in the initiative promoted by UNIDO: Arioli, Brazzoli, Color Service, Danitech, Fadis, Ferraro, Itema, Marzoli, Mesdan, Ms Printing Solutions, Reggiani Macchine, Rite, Savio, Ssm Giudici, Tonello e Ugolini

"This is an important occasion for the Italian textile machinery industry, explains Alessandro Zucchi, president of ACIMIT, presenting the initiative. The Egyptian Government has recently presented the large-scale modernization project of the local textile industry. The value of the investments to be made between 2019 and 2021 is approximately one billion euros. In the first phase they will also affect the machines of some well-known Italian suppliers. Zucchi continues: “This technological symposium is aimed to strengthen our presence in the Country, which is already the first Middle Eastern market for Italian textile machinery manufacturers".

In 2018, the Italian exports of the sector in Egypt recorded a surge, reaching a value of 45 million euros, up 79% compared to the previous year. After years of stagnation the investments of Egyptian textiles have finally regained momentum and Italian manufacturers are ready to take advantage of the new business opportunities that arise.

Italian textile machinery export to Egypt (million euro, y/y change) (c) 2019 Source: ACIMIT
Italian textile machinery export to Egypt (million euro, y/y change) (c) 2019 Source: ACIMIT

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