Saurer AG
Bleikenstrasse 11
9630 Wattwil
+41 71 987 43 84
+41 71 987 43 56
Company Profile
The re-established Saurer Group looks back on 160 years of experience in improving production processes at different stages of the textile value chain. The Saurer Group plays an essential role at different levels of the textile value chain. Despite the fact that staple yarn processing still today is the core of activities, Saurer has over the years evolved into being more.
Supply Program
Winding and reeling and covering machinery
Cone and cheese winders
Precision cone and cheese winders

Doubling and twisting machinery for staple fibre and filament yarns
Two-for-one twisters with heat treatment
Flyer twisting machines
Other doubling and twisting machinery for staple fibre and filament yarns
Doubling machines
Direct cabling machines
Two-for-one twisters
Ring doubling and twisting machines

Accessories for winding, texturing and twisting machinery
Yarn thread guides
Air texturizing and interlacing jets
Flat and conveyor belts
False-twist units and parts
Yarn break detectors

Preparatory machinery for cotton spinning systems
Other preparatory machinery for cotton spinning systems
Blending machines

Spinning machines
Ring-spinning machines for cotton spinning system
Ring-spinning machines for worsted spinning system
Rotor spinning machines

Accessories for spinning preparatory machinery
Spindles, parts, flyers

Accessories for spinning machines
Rotors and parts
Spindles and parts
Drafting systems
Rings for ring-spinning machines
Pressure rollers, cots and aprons, condensers
Travellers, inserting and dismantling tools for travellers

Embroidery machinery
Shuttle embroidery machines (single and multi head)
Other embroidery machinery

Electronic design software and engineering systems (CAD, CAE)
Electronic systems for the embroidery and braiding industry

Software and systems for data monitoring and processing (CAM, incl. controls)
Data monitoring and control systems for the embroidery, braiding and garment making industry
Company Products
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