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Loepfe MillMaster TOP goes live

Loepfe have already been successfully installed the first systems of the MillMaster TOP in India, Italy, China, Turkey and Mexico. They have presented the brandnew MillMaster TOP at the ITMA 2015 for the first time.
The new innovative online operating data system MillMaster TOP has been installed already in numerous spinning mills, and customers and users have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the simple and intuitive operation.

Installation is quick and the first operating data are available after just a few minutes. MillMaster TOP is very comprehensive even in the version without options. The floor overview shows all machines with the eight most important items of information in realtime. A click on a machine in the floor overview is sufficient and all quality data are available online.

If additional extensions are required, a large selection of options which meet all customer requirements are available.

To name but a few:

Clearer Assistant: The ideal helper to achieve clearing with cutting counts which are as optimal as possible.
Multiclient: To enable simultaneous access to different processes at several workplaces.
Lab Trend Analysis: Analyzing and comparing data from earlier and current lots as well as fast detection of offstandards is very easy with LabTrend Analysis.
Production Planning and Control: These provide the user with an overview when and on which machines the lots created by the Lot Assistant are produced. The group sequence can be changed with Drag & Drop and the production quantity of a group very easily adapted. 

Pic: Trend chart
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