ITM will present latest research results at JEC

The Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology (ITM) from TU Dresden will share an exhibition stand with Carbon Composites e.V. from March 6th to 8th 2018. ITM (Hall 5 / Stand E 56) will provide a comprehensive overview of its current research in the field of machine and product development along the entire textile process chain.

As a highlight, the wide-ranging potential offered by structure and process simulations of textile high performance materials and textile manufacturing processes will be presented. At ITM, special expertise in terms of materials and processes was achieved by means of multi-scale modelling and simulations. In this regard, finite element models were developed and validated on micro, meso and macro scales. Examples representing current research projects performed at ITM will reveal various applications of state-of-the-art simulation methods for textile machinery.

Moreover, innovative construction highlights in the area of flat knitting technology developed by ITM researchers will be showcased. When using fibre-reinforced composites (FRP) with complex free-form surfaces, considerable challenges lie in the creation of load-adapted designs and cost- and time-efficient manufacturing processes. For these purposes, innovative, highly drapeable, and requirement-adapted textile semi-finished products are developed at ITM. Constructive new and further developments for textile machinery were achieved in close collaboration with well-known textile machine manufacturers, e.g. Stoll, Steiger, and Shima Seiki.

Within an ITM research project, an innovative method for the continuous and highly efficient manufacturing of complex, shell-shaped, and hollow profiled 3D preforms made of high performance fibres was successfully developed and implemented. Because structural fixation is an integral part of this process, the generated preforms are suitable for use in FRP components. The newly developed forming process does not require laborious moving or actively driven elements. Hence, the forming of complex geometries can be realized even in confined spaces. For the first time, the continuous manufacturing of closed, hollow, and profiled 3D preforms in high and reproducible quality was achieved. Several example preforms will be showcased.

A development focus that was successfully established at ITM and will therefore be exhibited at JEC is the manufacturing of 3D structures in the form of near-net-shaped preforms. Such structures include planar and bent components with integrated ribs to enhance the bending stiffness of highly loaded components, which are manufactured at ITM using a simulation-supported process. It is a particularly demanding challenge to develop urgently needed suitable nodal elements made of glass and carbon filament yarns. At ITM, these elements are developed using highly complex and simulation-supported binding pattern constructions and state-of-the-art, computer-controlled textile machinery. More than once, ITM has been awarded international honours for development efforts in this field of research.

In terms of multi-material composites made of textile semi-finished products and metal sheets, technology demonstrators as a result from successful interdisciplinary and trans-institutional research along the entire process chain will be presented. Within several research projects, a process chain was developed that enables the manufacturing of FRP metal sheet composites by in-situ forming and joining based on semi-finished products; this is a cost-efficient process suitable for large-series production.

Example demonstrators will be exhibited, such as near-net-shaped preforms and textile reinforcements for carbon concrete applications, which were manufactured using the multiaxial warp-knitting technology. By means of further developments, for example of the warp yarn feed, offset, and take-up systems, the manufacturing of thermoplastic hybrid spread tapes, and the online coating system for textile reinforcing structures, customised semi-finished products can be manufactured and new application potential has been unleashed.

Moreover, the development and implementation of innovative yarn constructions based on recycled carbon fibres (rCF) for novel composite materials is successfully promoted at ITM. By use of a special carding machine, recycled fibres are opened, separated, and joined to form an even tape fabric. Subsequently, innovative hybrid yarn constructions made of evenly mixed recycled carbon and thermoplastic fibres can be manufactured by means of various spinning technologies. Selected yarn constructions in addition to developed demonstrators will be showcased at JEC.

ITM is looking forward to welcoming you in Paris, Hall 5, Stand E 56.

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